I wasn’t lucky enough to discover Bibee dresses when I was pregnant with Elsie, which I now know is a real shame! The dress and tunic that I’ve been reviewing for a few months now hold such a key position in my wardrobe that I know I would have been practically living in them when I was with bump. But never fear, I’m still able to tell you a little something about the dresses as maternity wear, as my sister bought some for herself after reading my last review. She was 7 months pregnant when she bought her first Bibee dress (using my discount code, by the way!) and provided me with the perfect opportunity to assess the dresses as maternity wear. This is what we thought.

Bibee dresses_ maternity wear for all~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The dress/ tunic

My sister is a little shorter than I am, so I recommended that she go for a tunic first to check the length out before buying a dress. It turned out that the tunic length was just right for her and she actually wears this as a dress. I am 5.7 and she is 5.1- the tunic comes to just above her knee, as the dress does for me. So if you’re a little shorter it might work well for you to invest in a few tunics, unless you want a longer dress.

My sister went for plain black tunics, with black bibs, as she wasn’t too sure how she would find wearing them at first. She’s now eyeing up a few more colourful options! During pregnancy it’s easy to feel more than a little ‘out of sorts’ with your body as it changes and grows in ways that it never has before. And if it’s your first pregnancy, the whole thing can be even more strange! My sister suck with black as it’s naturally a little more slimming than other colours, but also because it goes so well with accessories of all colours too.

As a maternity dress, I could see just by looking that it was super comfy. The stretchy fabric allows your body to grow as it pleases, and doesn’t restrict the changes at all. This means that one dress or tunic will see you through all stages of your pregnancy. And you know that you can wear it afterwards too- as my sister demonstrated this weekend when I finally met my beautiful niece. Incidentally, she was feeding like a pro with the Bibee tunic too!

As the skirt of the tunics and dresses is pleated, it allows for any lumps and bumps you may be carrying to be hidden and smoothed away too. Let me tell you, this does wonders for your body confidence at a time when you have little control over what’s going on.

Bibee dresses_ maternity wear for all~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The bibs

My sister reported that the bibs are easy to wear and wash, but that she found it easier to button them on before she put the tunic on, as sometimes in later pregnancy your body doesn’t twist with the same ease as it used to. The position of the bibs gives the dresses a lovely empire cut that is also flattering and now that she’s braved a little colour, each bib gives the dress a totally different look too. After baby arrives, the bibs make for discreet and easy feeding too.

Discreet and easy #breastfeeding with @bibeedresses 🙂 (Elsie wears @lillyandsid )

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The verdict

Bibee dresses are a must have essential item for your maternity wardrobe, and there’s no need to wait until you have a bump either. I’m wearing mine at 15 weeks post partum, as my sister was wearing hers at 9 months pregnant, and we both had the same thoughts on comfort, style and ease of use. There is no need to buy a larger size as you grow, or a smaller size as you shrink again either! And because the dresses themselves can be quite plain (especially if you go for black) the bibs are wonderful to either keep it plain and add colour with accessories, or to add colour and keep accessories simple. We love the fact that you can create many different looks, and now we are both thrilled at how easy it is to feed baby discreetly and efficiently too. We love Bibee Dresses!

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