We were recently asked to review a Braun Thermoscan 7 thermometer with age precision, and gratefully accepted. Gratefully, because it seems the children have all been poorly, one after another, since the day we brought Elsie home from the hospital. And sometimes we’re never quite sure just how poorly (or not) they really are. I know that having an idea of their temperature is a really good indication of this, but somewhere along the line our measly little forehead strip has gone missing and we’d never really got round to buying anything else. It’s not enough to simply hope they won’t get ill!

The first one was The School Boy. He started to vomit three days after Elsie came home. Then The Toddler followed suit. And then it was vomiting and colds on and off every week, between one or both or all of them. The most recent temperature reached by The Toddler was 39.5 (103)… thank goodness we had the Braun Thermoscan to detect it.

Braun thermoscan thermometer review~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

How it works

The thermometer is VERY easy to use. This is good for someone who likes to pick up a product and use it, rather than spend ages reading instructions! It comes with a handy quick start guide that covers the following steps:

Turn on the thermometer by pressing the clearly marked on button, then select your patient’s age. There are three options- babies under 3 months, babies 3-36 months, and all children over the age of 36 months.

Braun thermoscan thermometer review~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

Place the end of the thermometer into the ear, ensuring there is a plastic casing on top. The thermometer has a pre-warmed tip which gives a more accurate reading, because other thermometers can be cool, giving a lower reading in some cases. When the thermometer is in the ear and correctly positioned, press the clearly marked read button (it has a picture of a thermometer on it) and wait for the quiet beep. Then read your temperature.

Braun thermoscan thermometer review~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The thermometer then can be placed back into it’s holder and will turn off by itself. The readings are colour coded. If the display turns yellow, your patient has a low temperature, green is normal, and red is high. We don’t have a picture of the red screen that The Toddler’s reading gave us, but after a dose of paracetamol, it did drop and the display turned green to indicate her fever was dropping. Relief!

Braun thermoscan thermometer review~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The thermometer comes with a pack of plastic tip covers that you release with the press of a button at the back. This is to ensure hygiene between patients.

What we like about it

It is SO easy to use! The first time I used it was a little of a panic, since I realised quickly that The Toddler was not well at all. Reading her high temperature quickly and easily meant that I could act fast to bring it down and keep it down. Having the thermometer on hand really does give you peace of mind.

The following video shows just how easy it is!

I love that it is accurate, and there is no squinting at a little strip to try and determine a fever. The colour coded screens leave you in no doubt.

I love that you can set the thermometer depending on the age of the patient. I knew that a fever changes as babies grow, so the age precision means that there is no danger of missing a potentially dangerous fever in younger babies and children.

The verdict

As a parent, this is one buy that I would totally recommend. It really is important to know when your child is ill, and to be able to act on that as quickly as possible. And having the Braun Thermoscan thermometer really does give you peace of mind. It’s easy to use and easy to read, so there can be no mistakes. And when it comes to the health of my children, I want to be sure.

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