Today Elsie is six months and 15 days old. Racing towards her seventh month, and I have no idea how to slow the time down!

Elsie Rose is six months old~

So much has changed with Elsie this month. She is moving so much more. Trying SO hard to sit up (and has even managed to sit without cushions bolstering her for around five seconds! Yay! She rolls with confidence now and she is trying really hard to get her little legs moving, ready for crawling. She still gets frustrated after a time on her tummy, but she seems a lot happier in her abilities to move.

Elsie Rose is six months old~

The most amazing change for Elsie has been FOOD! This tiny little IUGR baby, whose early feeding experiences were so traumatic and fraught, LOVES food! Everything we have given her so far has been readily and eagerly accepted and she seems to have a passion for all things mushy on a spoon. We’re doing a mixture of baby-led and traditional weaning, with a dairy free and soya free diet. And it’s working well. I’m planning a post on this in more detail so watch this space!

Six months. She’s grown so much since last time- 12lb9 now!

Elsie Rose is six months old~

Six months. Half a year. It was at this point in my 4th pregnancy that I truly felt at ease with the growing life inside of me. In Sicily, I read Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth and I thought YES! I can do this. I can birth my baby, of course I can! I devoured that book by the pool. I read all the birth stories of amazing women that felt no fear during labour and birth. And I started to wonder what I had been scared of before. My body is amazing. My body is powerful. My body is capable.

I won’t ever forget the feeling of empowerment that I gained from reading that book. And at six months pregnant I felt ready to take it on. I will always hold on to that feeling of strength and confidence if I can. Hard to believe that just three weeks later I was told that a VBAC birth was not possible at all, and that my baby was too small for anything but another c-section.

Just as I did at six months pregnant, at six months post pregnancy I am regathering my strength and confidence. I keep thinking of the Uncluded song, Teleporter. And specifically these lyrics:

I preach self love I know it’s true

It’s easier to say than do

I send these messages to you

But now I need to hear them too

I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am strong. I am loveable.

Life with Elsie is still a rollercoaster. She still suffers with reflux and her sleep habits are draining to say the least. But when I look back on all that she has been through, we have been through, and I see that HUGE smile that spreads across the whole of my face… I cannot help but smile too. Six months with Elsie Rose. How lucky am I?

Elsie Rose is six months old~

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