My top five #DoonaMoments

We’ve been using the Doona for six months now, and I can honestly say that it remains one of the best things we’ve had since we became parents. For ease, comfort and style we are so impressed. The Doona does exactly what it set out to to do and more. So this post is really just a bit of an update on the #DoonaMoments that have stood out for us- and why the Doona is such a useful buy for new parents: My top five #DoonaMoments!

My top five Doona Moments~



Car journeys

It has to be said that the Doona is fantastic for it’s main purpose! We use the seat with the isofix base so we never have any qualms about whether it’s fitted securely. The green button assures us it is. As a car seat, the Doona meets all the necessary safety requirements and has the unique anti-rebound protection too. The seat comes with a newborn insert (which we are still using) and it’s recommended that you check this regularly as baby grows to make sure it is still needed. Likewise, check the straps don’t need moving to the next height regularly too.

The seat insert is made from  “Bamboo Charcoal Fiber textile” and has the following features (from the site):

• Anti-bacterial
• Hypoallergenic
• Humidity & thermal regulating

Near-flat ergonomic position.

Additional padding adjusted for newborn infants.

Central anchor point prevents the insert from involuntary shifting.

My top five Doona Moments~

The school run

This year I have a three point drop off, and I feel it. I leave the house at 8.15 to take my eldest to school club, then whizz over to preschool, then back down to a third school for The School boy. In the olden days, this meant either a LOT of huffing and lugging of small children, big children and babies in car seats up no less than three separate hills. Now, it means I can walk without snapping my spine and dragging my arms on the floor. Priceless. It also means we can run late without actually being late. Hooray!


The baby, Preschooler and I love to go swimming and with the Doona, it is no longer a massive headache to do it. Yes, the changing etc can be a little fraught, but it’s peace of mind knowing that the baby can be safely away from harm’s reach in her Doona while we get changed. And the fact that the wheels fold up underneath means that I can bring it to the pool side too. So after our swim, I can change and dress her before we leave the pool area. Sometimes she is fast asleep before we even get back to the lockers. Other times she sits and kicks happily while I sort her sister out. It makes the whole things SO much easier!

The cinema

The Preschooler and I took The Baby to the cinema a few weeks ago, and we were able to take the Doona all the way to our seats. It tucked safely down by our feet and The Baby was able to enjoy the film from the comfort of my lap. This meant I didn’t need to leave it unattended as the other mums did, but it also meant I could wheel her all the way to My top ten Doona Moments~ seats, thus making Pick n Mix and popcorn a happy possibility!

The train

The Preschooler and I decided on a whim to take a trip on the train to see Daddy at work. Now, we have a perfectly good car on the drive, but a train is a lot more fun when you’re three. So who am I to argue? And it turns out that the Doona is pretty awesome on the train too. No need to struggle with getting on and off or relying on the help of strangers (which, sadly, is not always forthcoming). Instead, I was able to fold the wheels under and carry the baby, Doona and all, onto the train. I could then pop the wheels back up to find a seat without knocking out half of the carriage as I went. And escalators too- those bad boys are no problem with the Doona either. No need to wait for the lift. Just fold the wheels and go. Makes commuting and general public transport a breeze!

All of our Doona Moments are quick trips out that require speed and ease. The Doona gives us this at the push of a button. For longer trips out, we use a pram, but for Doona Moments like these, we would be lost without this car seat.

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  1. May 19, 2015 / 10:37 am

    This looks and sounds fantastic! Very handy to have. It looks like it’s so much less of a faff on then separate car seats and pushchairs x
    Kim Carberry recently posted..Upbeat Protein Drinks – ReviewMy Profile

  2. May 20, 2015 / 4:38 pm

    Woah I had no idea one of these existed in the world. I HATED getting the car seat out the car, the frame out the boot and then assembling it all constantly. This is like magic. I’ve been wondering how to make Zs school drop offs easier once he starts and I’m going to run to Mothercare or somewhere similar to try it out 🙂
    Notmyyearoff recently posted..Pregnancy Diary – Weeks 19 and 20.My Profile

  3. May 22, 2015 / 11:17 am

    Top of my list would have to be the school run – the number of times I’ve struggled to lug the car seat around when I’ve just “popped” into somewhere. It would have been a life saver for me!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x
    Colette B recently posted..The unexpected costs of building workMy Profile

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