Elsie Rose is seven months old

Today Elsie Rose is seven months, three weeks and 2 days old. Almost 8 months!

Elsie Rose is 7 months old~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

It’s been a really good month. Our little fighter is growing growing growing! This month we’ve not only seen 13lb, but we’ve seen 14lb too and we’re racing towards 15lb in weight. Not only that but today we discovered she has leapt up to the 9th centile on the growth charts! Not bad for an IUGR skinny minnie!

This month we’ve had an appointment with the dietitian, to discuss weaning so far and to check that Elsie’s growth and diet is as good as it can be. She’s being weaned onto a dairy free diet with the suspected cow’s milk protein allergy in mind, but she doesn’t need to have blood tests like her brother as her reaction to milk is gradual rather than immediate. On the dairy free diet she is symptom free so that’s the plan for a little longer. I admit it’s hard having to really scrutinise everything when we go shopping. I’m used to what I can and can’t eat, but now I have to look out for what Elsie can and can’t eat too, and we’ve been caught short on a few occasions where we’ve been out and there has been NOTHING suitable for her. Where is all the dairy free baby food hiding?!

Elsie Rose is 7 months old~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

Despite her limited choice, Elsie is enjoying food and although we’ve had a few blips, she seems to be developing quite a good palate. We’ve also been prescribed Puramino formula to mix into her food for extra calories- which seems to be doing the trick! This month we’ve also seen Elsie’s consultant who is pleased with her progress (especially her weight gain) and has advised us to stay on the medication for now. We don’t go back to the hospital for a four months now- hooray!

This month has also been a month of huge physical developments for Elsie. She is a good few weeks behind her siblings, but I have every faith that she will get there in her own time. Her latest trick is to try and try and try and TRY to crawl! This girl will not lie still!

Elsie Rose is 7 months old~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

And she has also learned to sit up! Quite an achievement; I’m sure crawling and cruising are just around the corner! This new position seems to be a lot kinder on her reflux too- she’s been a lot happier since she’s been able to view the world in this way. Her consultant agrees that sitting up is going to help her symptoms too.

Elsie Rose is 7 months old~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

So Elsie Rose is seven months old. Can we talk about sleep? There have been no changes since I wrote this post, but I think that’s ok. She is who she is- and that is just perfect.

Elsie Rose is 7 months old~ Ghostwritermummy.co.ukBefore you go… Elsie and I are thrilled to be finalists in the MAD blog awards best pregnancy blog category! If you enjoyed reading our journey to this point, we’d LOVE to have your vote. It only takes a moment and if you click HERE you will go straight to the form. Thank you!



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