This weekend Elsie and I went down to London for the Brit Mums Brilliance in Blogging awards. We were finalists in the INSPIRE category. We didn’t win. But this isn’t really a post about that. Well done to the lovely Hayley at Downs Side Up. She did win! And all of the other winners and finalists- what an achievement and how wonderful it was to be part of the evening.


This is a post about the word, inspire.

Almost five years ago I sat down and wrote my first post on this blog. Words that had been hiding inside me spilled onto the page. A few months later I found myself a finalist in the MAD blog awards, 2011. The category? Inspire.

I don’t know that I do inspire. I write honestly about the things that I have experienced. I hope that my writing is a little like reaching out to hold your hand sometimes. A little like showing you my shoulder and letting you cry there. A little like I am walking down the same path as you, or at least clearing the way for you to make your journey. 

This is what inspires me.




And without these people I would not be me. At all. And this blog would not be.

And though I didn’t win, I know that I have achieved something with this blog. I have opened up dialogue for women who have suffered birth trauma. I have brought attention to IUGR, and hopefully provided reassurance, education and insight into a less than straight forward pregnancy. I have been able to tell the world that maternity matters matter. And we matter. And that birth is NOT just one day. I am hoping that I can do more, so much more with Mat Exp too. All from this little blog.

I have also won in other ways. Friendships. Experiences. Confidence. Work. It has all come from this blog.

I am inspired by the many women who message me or comment here and tell me about their experiences. I am inspired by the smiles on the faces of my babies, as they snuggle into me at night and I breathe in their scent. I am inspired by the fact that I cannot change the past, but I can change what happens next. We all can.

And so because this blog started with how my son was pulled from my sleeping body by a stranger’s hands… because his little body was calling for mine and I could not hear him… because he is here and his sisters are too… because of these people I am here too.

We made it to the finals of the MAD blog awards~

I didn’t win a Bibs this weekend but I could still win a lovely shiny MAD blog award! I’m up for best pregnancy blog and you can vote for me here.