On All Fours — Finding a Suitable Stroller for a Holiday

Are you heading on holiday with the kids, or even just for a family day out? You can’t carry them around on your back all day, as fun as it may be for them (!), so you should think about getting a stroller, which you can get from Tesco and other stores. Not sure what to look for? Here are a few things to consider.


On All Fours — Finding a Suitable Stroller for a Holiday~Ghostwritermummy.co.ukWeight

How light is the stroller? Remember that you’re going to be pushing the stroller around all day (or maybe half the day if you’re taking turns!). If the stroller is too heavy, this will start to wear you out, especially when the sun is beating down on you. Six kilos or thereabouts is a good weight for a stroller. Think too about the style of the handlebars and whether certain types of handlebars might actually start to hurt your hands when constantly gripping them.


You don’t want your stroller to be too bulky. The more compact the better, since it will be easier to manoeuvre. Can you fold the stroller? This will make it much more straightforward to transport if you’re travelling by car, or on foot and have to carry it, and you may even be able to place in it the overhead locker of the plane. Storing it will also be less of a problem.


Check how much the stroller can hold in terms of weight. Kids grow fast, so you need to know that your stroller can handle the weight. How about the material too? Is the stroller strong? Strollers made from aluminium are both strong and lightweight and aren’t likely to let you down.


Does the stroller lie flat? A lot of hotel family rooms will provide a travel cot, but you should prepare for the misfortune that you don’t access to one, particularly at busy times of the year. One way to do this is by choosing a stroller that reclines enough to lay flat. This will enable your baby to sleep more comfortably if they have to sleep in the stroller, whether on your day out or in the hotel.

One thing you may wish to bear in mind if you’re travelling by plane is that if you have to check your stroller in, rather than carry it on board, it can get dirty amongst the other luggage on the plane. Take some wipes to clean it up, or even a cover to preserve the cleanliness of the stroller. Then, equipped with your stroller, you can get on with the serious business of enjoying your trip!

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