The perfect family holiday

I was recently asked to think about what I think makes the perfect family holiday and to be honest I found it hard to come up with a list. I mean, it depends on so many factors. What is perfect for one family may not be perfect for another. For us specifically, the perfect holiday is one that can cater to a range of tastes, ages and interests. So something that a ten year old Minecraft obsessed, self-confessed tomboy can enjoy at the same time as a ten month old baby. And then throw in a Lego obsessed five year old boy and a princess loving three year old girl, and often Ghostwriterdaddy and I are split. We end up entertaining two each most of the time. So the perfect holiday for us is going to quite different to the perfect holiday for you. But fear not, because Florida Tix has employed the services of psychologist Dr David Holmes to find the mathematical formula that makes THE perfect holiday.

The perfect family holiday_


Make sense so far?

The formula is focused on seven factors which researchers found contributes towards the perfect family holiday. So these factors are: Lifetime Experience, (LE) Quality Family Interaction (QI), Quality Activities (Q), Accommodation Quality (QA), Weather (W), Screen Freedom (S), and overall Cost (C). From 2000 people surveyed, 32% said the cost was the most important factor when it came to choosing their holiday, while 24% chose based on the destination and 13% on the activities. Only 5% of those surveyed said that family time was important to them.

That’s a little sad. For me, the perfect family holiday has it’s clue in the name. To see the faces of those you love when they wake up in a new corner of the world. To watch them drink in new sites and sounds, new smells and tastes. To help them reach out and touch the sand by the ocean that laps a million miles from home.

Elsie first dip in the

To see all that you see when you are away from home, and to see it with family. To have the time away from the desk, or the office, or the TV. To be with the children and to REALLY be with them. No mobile phone, no lap top and no distractions. THAT is a family holiday.

together on

It’s good to see that screen free time is factored into the equation, and I guess if you are able to incorporate all of the important elements into your holiday then mathematically you’ll have a great time. For us, it doesn’t really matter too much where you go. As long as we are together, we have fun.

What do you think to the findings?


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