The Babymoov Swoon up: a review

A little while ago we were sent the Babymoov Swoon Up to review, as part of our role as ambassadors for the brand. So far everything we’ve received from Babymoov has been really impressive, and this product was certainly something we were really looking forward to trying. This is what we thought.

The Babymoov Swoon

What it is

The Babymoov Swoon up is such a simple yet innovative idea! The classic bouncy chair becomes so much more by giving it some height; it really is a wonder nobody thought of this before.

The Babymoov Swoon

The chair itself is adjustable and comes with a newborn insert. The seat is very roomy and we found that Elsie neeeded the insert until she was at least 5 months old. There’s a secure harness to keep baby safe inside the seat and an adjustable toy bar for entertainment.

The Babymoov Swoon

What I love about the Babymoov Swoon Up

There are so many things that make this an amazing product!

The Swoon Up has a really great height, and that made it the perfect seat to introduce solid food to Elsie.

The Babymoov Swoon

She loved being up at the table with us and I have to say that it was really nice having her there at meal times. This really helped her to understand the social aspect of sitting down to eat a meal, and allowed her to be involved with the family. It also meant that nobody needed to bend down to converse with her, and her siblings were able to chat away to her too.

The Babymoov Swoon

The Swoon up has a 360 degree motion! This is such a great feature, because no matter where you are in the room, baby can still see you if you turn the chair around. For clingy babies, this is wonderful!

The Swoon Up is adjustable so you can change the height depending on the situation, although to be honest we kept it on the highest setting because it was such a great position for her to be in.

The Swoon Up folds quickly and easily, so that you can move it from room to room and store it away safely.

The Toy bar is fantastic, and we found that it often allowed us a few extra minutes to finish sorting washing or make dinner because Elsie loved reaching up to grab them. You can adjust the position of the toys so that baby can touch them and play with them, then move them out of the way again when you’re interacting.

The Babymoov Swoon up: a review

What we’d improve on the Babymoov Swoom Up

Sadly, Elsie grew out of the Swoon Up quite quickly, and this is such a shame because it was so handy to have around. For a first bouncy chair it is wonderful and although it is only intended for use up to 6 months, as Elsie is fairly small for her age we used it for a lot longer. My only regret is that we are no longer able to use it now!

The verdict

Although the Babymoov Swoon Up has a price tag of £119.99 it really is worth every single penny. Granted, it’s slightly more than we would usually spend on a chair for a baby, but that’s because it is a lot better than other chairs on the market. The height, along with the 360 degree motion allows it to stand out from the rest and I would thoroughly recommend it!

The Babymoov Swoon up: a review

We were sent one Babymoov Swoon Up for review purposes only. All options are my own.


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