MAD blog awards: thank you in advance

Tomorrow Elsie and I will be travelling down to London for the MAD blog awards. And I want to say thank you in advance. No, I’m not being that presumptuous! I want to say thank you for different reasons.

To you, my readers. To my wonderful sponsor. To my baby girl. Campaigning for votes seems like such a long time ago!

We made it to the finals of the MAD blog awards~ all who read this little blog, and to all who comment or email me to tell me that what I’ve written means something to them: thank you. I hope you don’t mind me saying though, that I don’t write this blog for you. I write it for me. And in that respect, I need this blog.

My pregnancy with Elsie was really hard. If you read our journey, you know that already. But writing about each step in our rocky road taught me a few things. I have some wonderful friends. Both online and in real life. And you guys were there for me when I needed you. I cannot name you (you know who you are) as I am too afraid to miss someone by mistake. Just know that your support last year meant a lot, and I will always do my best to re-pay that to you.

Writing about my journey with my Elsie bump, my poppyseed, was cathartic to say the least. And although it was at times a jumble of mixed up emotions, fears and doubts, it actually served to open my eyes. I now know which direction my path in life should go.

Return of The Bump: 23 weeks~

And to be in the finals of the MAD blog awards is amazing. Realising I was up for best pregnancy blog really meant the world to me. And to then discover I am also up for outstanding contribution is just… I have no words. Thank you.

Tomorrow I head to London with a beautiful dress, very kindly gifted to me thanks to my amazing sponsors, Snuz, creators of the awesome Snuzpod. During the early days with Elsie, our Snuzpod provided us with so much comfort and reassurance. Having her by my side after so many weeks of fearing she may not even make it. Having her by my side to be able to reach out and touch her, comfort her when she needed me. Having her by my side. Priceless.

Snuzpod 3 in 1 bedside crib~

Thank you Snuz, for your support over the last year and for so kindly investing in me. I may not win tomorrow, but it means a lot that you have supported me in my journey.


Tomorrow is for you, baby girl. Whether we win or not, it is a celebration of you. Your strength, your determination and your powerful presence.

MAD blog awards: thank you in advance

A year ago, we were not sure. We were not sure you would make it. We were not sure you would come home with us as quickly as you did, or indeed at all. We were not sure you would be.

But you are! We are just ten months and 23 days into our adventure with you and we are truly thankful for each and every day.

The nerves are kicking in. Events like tomorrow’s awards place me firmly out of my comfort zone and I just know that tonight I will not sleep. But I am so so looking forward to celebrating with so many beautiful bloggers, and especially my fellow pregnancy contenders. These are women I shared a magical journey with last year and I only wish that all members of #BlogBumpClub could be there too. I will be taking Lisa with me, and we shall be raising a glass to you all, and your babies.

So, the MAD blog awards. Thank you. For getting me there, and for believing in me. Watch this space!


    • ghostwritermummy
      September 20, 2015 / 10:15 am

      Thank you so much lovely. I didn’t win but it was such an honour to be there x x

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