Journey of Me: we all want to #LiveWell with Co-operative Food

When I started with Live Young Bootcamp back in July I’m not sure I envisaged the changes that were ahead of me. And it’s not just weight loss, as I try to always mention when I write about this journey. Yes, I am over the moon with the physical results and every week I am thrilled to see the inches continue to- slowly- disappear. 14.5 inches in total, if you were wondering. And while I would be lying if I said that didn’t feel amazing, I’d also be doing the whole thing a disservice if I didn’t mention how the other stuff far outweighs the shrinking of my body fat. Something is now happening to the whole family. We all want to #livewell with Co-operative Food.

we all want to live well_’m teaming up with Co-operative Food and following along with Jo’s 21 day food challenge in a bid to end fussy eating in my house. Eek. Thats quite a challenge.

Elsie has her own dietitian, thanks to her cow’s milk protein allergy (cpma), and it’s the same lovely dietitian who we saw when The School Boy was under consultant care too. She really is amazing, and really knows her stuff too. Back in March I told her about our family mealtimes and she gave me loads of really good strategies  to try. At this point I was preparing and cooking up to five different meals every dinner time. The two little ones would have one thing, The Big One another thing, and Ghostwrirterdadddy and I separate meals too. And then i’d make another meal for The School Boy when he refused to eat the first meal he asked for. It was a nightmare! And we were weeks away from weaning Elsie too, so it was only going to get worse! So we adopted a plan.

We each chose a day of the week to claim as our own. And on that day, we got to choose what EVERYONE would have for dinner. That meant that if anyone decided they didn’t want what was for dinner, they went without. So the whole family would eat sausages and Yorkshire puddings under duress ( he LOVES them!) but the next day, he would eat macaroni cheese. Such a simple idea, but it worked. We had the menu for the week up on the wall so there was no mystery about dinner at all.

And then I started the clean eating program. And Ghostwriterdaddy started working late, so we ate late. And the kids started asking for different meals. So we slipped back into old habits. And now we need help again! So while Ghostwriterdaddy and I eat meals like this (thanks to the Live Young Bootcamp cook book)

we all want to live well_

the kids are back on sandwiches for one, macaroni for another and toast for another… it’s not good.

Co-operative Food’s challenge is not about making huge changes. Its about small steps towards happier dinner times. I’ve made those steps for myself in recent weeks, and I now eat 100% healthy and nutritious foods. But what about my kids? I want the same for them too. Tomorrow there is a twitter party with the hashtag #LiveWell and it’s aim is to help. We are not the only family with fussy eaters ruling the roost at mealtimes, and we can’t be the only family desperate to make some changes too. How about you? Will you be joining in?

Incidentally, Elisie is a wonderful eater. Her meals are completely dairy and soya free, and she has a huge appetite. Take a look on instagram under #WhatElsieEats. Tonight it was pasta bolognaise and fresh blueberries for pudding. I want her eating habits to stay like this- I don’t want her influenced by her siblings!

We all want to live

So thank you Co-opertive Food. Challenge accepted.

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