We were recently sent a couple of spooky games for an evening of family games fun from Megableu. And fun we had! We played The Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt, and this is what we thought…

Family games from Megableu: a review_ghostwritermummy.co.ukThe Ghost Hunt game is aimed towards children aged 5 and above, and it’s a really simple game to play. This was perfect to play on Halloween and it’s one that can be played with just one player. The kids loved it! Players pop on the glasses, and the skeleton projects ghosts onto the walls that you have to shoot with the laser gun. Need I say any more?

Family games from Megableu: a review_ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The kids loved this one because apparently it made them feel like real Ghostbusters. And I loved it because it needed no explaining, and no refereeing. The winner is the person who shoots the most spooks. Simple. The Preschooler was able to play easily and she is not quite 4 yet,

From the site:

Billy Bones (the projector character ) makes ghoulish figures appear on walls. Players are then challenged to shoot the ghosts with the included infrared gun.

Billy Bones uses his phantasmagorical powers (or infrared lights) to randomly project ghostly visions around the room from his eye. The aim of Ghost Hunt is simply to blast those creepy suckers with the laser gun and whoever shoots the most wins the game. Every time a ghost is shot, Billy Bones screams and the world is a safer place.

Such a simple idea and a gameĀ that we’ve played again and again over half term.

Family games from Megableu: a review_ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The verdict:

Turn the lights out and get ready to shoot! The game works best in the dark and is so easy to play. It’s quite addictive too, and actually the kids had a lot of fun incorporating it into imaginative play too. Apparently now we are all ghostbusters and we have to shoot those suckers night and day! It’s great fun, and a really lovely active game for all the family.

The next game we’ve been having fun with is Creepy Hand. The kids had seen this on TV and were very excited to open the box and play straight away!

Family games from Megableu: a review_ghostwritermummy.co.uk

This is another really simple game and although it’s aimed for children aged 7 and above, we were able to adapt it easily for the younger players. Here’s The big One to explain how you play it.

I loved this one because the cards can easily be adapted to suit the ages of the players, and actually the game itself can be adapted to any play situations. We’ve used the hand to choose turns in lots of games and we’re contemplating using it to make decisions on who’s turn it is to wash up too…

The verdict

Another fab game from Megableu- simple to play and suitably creepy for little boys!

Family games from Megableu: a review_ghostwritermummy.co.uk

We were sent these games free of charge in return for an honest review, AllĀ opinions are my own.