We were recently asked to be ambassadors for the wonderful From Babies With Love, and I wanted to tell you a little about the brand. They don’t just make and sell beautiful baby’s clothes. They actually send a little bit of love every time you buy.

Introducing From Babies with Love: #SpreadingtheLove_ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The amazing thing about From Babies With Love is that 100% of their profits go back into communities in need, so babies around the world are given a better chance in life. Babies who have been orphaned. Babies who have been abandoned. Babies who need our help.

Children in SOS villages have no parents to care for them (thanks to war, famine, disease or poverty) , and instead are assigned an SOS mother. They live in homes with their SOS families, which means that they’ve literally been given a second chance in life. SOS villages save these babies from a lifetime of living on the streets, in slums, or worse. SOS villages aim to break the cycle of poverty to give these babies a chance.

As SOS Children’s Zambia Director, Florence Phiri explains, for an orphaned or abandoned child, the difference a children’s village makes is huge: “when they come to the village they are given a family – brothers, sisters and a mother to look after them. They have a home and can begin a new life.”

To find out more about SOS Children visit their website http://www.soschildren.org

One such baby is Danhay.

Introducing From Babies with Love: #SpreadingtheLove_ghostwritermummy.co.uk

This is my special baby, who’s progress I’ll be updating you with regularly. Dahnay arrived at his SOS village aged just 6 weeks, (he was born in May 2013). When he arrived, he had difficulty recognising faces and facial expressions, but thankfully his development seems to have caught up. His SOS brothers and sisters now compete to see who can make him smile and laugh the most! Much like my own children love to make Elsie smile.

Danhay’s SOS family is in the children’s village in Harrar, in the east of Ethiopia, an area that suffers a high poverty level. The area has a high infant mortality rate; malnourishment is the main reason why children die. Roughly 40% of Ethiopia’s children under 5 are chronically undernourished. Dahnay’s SOS Children’s Village has 15 family homes caring for around 150 children. In addition vulnerable children from around Harrar attend the village nursery and primary schools.

Danhay’s background is a million miles from my own babies. But his future can genuinely be similar.

So how does From Babies With Love help children like Danhay?

From the site:

Buying gorgeous clothes for a beautiful baby is one of life’s pleasures. But too many babies in the world have no one to give them clothes, or anything else. So at From Babies with Love, we do things differently. Every penny of profit from our unique, ethically sourced designs goes to SOS Children, to build and run children’s villages around the world. And in these safe, happy places, abandoned and orphaned children can grow up in a loving family. We started this company to make a difference. And with every piece of clothing that you buy, you are too.

We were lucky enough to receive a beautiful sleep suit and teddy bear a month or so ago, and I can vouch for the quality and design of the clothes. Every garment is truly made with love! I’ve been browsing the girl’s collections… what do you think to my picks?

#SpreadTheLove From Babies With Love