#MisCOURAGE: time to break the silence

Today Tommy’s the baby charity are launching the #MisCOURAGE campaign, intended to break the silence around miscarriage. The charity says,

At Tommy’s, we know miscarriage is heartbreaking, but often misunderstood by those not affected. Last week, we ran a survey about attitudes towards miscarriage, which so far, over 6,000 women have completed.  We were so saddened to learn that 78% of women felt like a failure after a miscarriage, 62% of women can’t talk to their best friend about their miscarriage, while 35% can’t talk to their baby’s father. We also found it shocking that only 5% of women felt they could talk to their boss.

That’s thousands of women left unable to seek support from those closest to them at an incredibly difficult time in their lives. Please continue to support them and us by speaking up about miscarriage.

The charity has also launchd this very moving video today, to support the campaign and to urge other women to break the silence and to share their stories too.

Can you share your story? Can you donate to fund vital research? 

We need an end to the silence. We need an end to the women who sit at home, alone, in pain and in fear. We need an end to the women who sit alone, unable to speak of the the life that never got to be.

And for the women to whom miscarriage is an unwelcome visitor again and again, we need to do all that we can to find out why this happens, what we can do to prevent it, and how we can give these babies the best chance at life.

The loss of a baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy is labelled a miscarriage. One in four women will experience a miscarriage at some point in their lives. Tommy’s are currently working to find ways to change this, and their research centre in Manchester is analysing the role of the placenta in early pregnancy. The charity are working on finding ways to widen the blood vessels in impaired placentas as they believe that this is one of the most common causes of miscarriage in the early weeks of pregnancy.

This is just one of the research projects that are taking place right now, in an effort to break the silence and bring change to the statistics above.

The loss of a baby is not something that many feel they are able to talk about. It is not something that many feel will be understood, especially if it occurred prior to 24 weeks. The loss of a baby should never be ignored, no matter how far along the pregnancy was. After all, a life is a life- no matter how small.

Please support the #MisCOURAGE campaign on Twitter. Share your story, if you can. Break the silence and donate to fund research. 

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