Christmas gifts for all the family

This Christmas we’re going to have a wonderful selection of fantastic gifts under the tree and I thought I’d share some of them with you. Here’s a quick guide to Christmas for all the family, featuring Microscooters, House of Fraser and more…

christmas gifts for all the

Micro scooters

We’re so excited to see the kids faces when they unwrap these on Christmas morning! If you weren’t lucky enough to win one in my recent giveaway, then I thoroughly recommend going ahead and asking Santa for one instead. There really is a scooter for all your family- yes , even adults! 

Bella will be getting the Mini micro scooter, suitable for ages 3-5 and she is the most likely to burst with excitement when she sees it. She’s such a physical child- always loves running, scooting and cycling. As long as she’s on her feet and moving, she is happy.  We even have indoor bicycles at home for her and she loves nothing more than to wheel around the kitchen! At the moment her scooter is now too small for her and so a new one has been on her list for months now. Can’t wait to see her face!

Christmas gifts for all the

Luka has a Maxi Microscooter coming to him,  which will be a great upgrade from his current model. That one has been used so much it’s no longer in working condition! The great thing about this scooter is that you can design it yourself if you want to- picking and choosing different colours for the handle bars, stem, deck and mud guard. So nobody will have the same scooter as you when you get back to school in January!

Lastly we have the Mini minro 3 in 1 for Elsie. How cute is this? I and no idea they did scooters for 1 year olds, and this one will last her until she is 5 because it has three stages-what a fantasist idea. I’ll be updating the blog, Instagram and Facebook with our Microscooter adventures in the new year. 

If you hurry, Microscooters have some great deals on for Christmas, but you need to order today! Click here to see more.

Personalised stockings

Mamas and papas have a wonderful Christmas range at the moment. I absolutely love their Christmas outfits and keepsakes. We were sent a personalised stocking for Santa to fill with goodies and I above to say its really lovely too. It’s really well made and the attention to detail is fab. Its made from red velour with faux fur edging and it has a velcro loop. Elsie’s name has been hand stitched and it’s just beautiful. This is one stocking Santa will be filling for years and years! 

Wooden toys from Asda

Asda are running a fantastic campaign at  the moment- #whatwoodyouplay? 

Christmas gifts for all the

The idea is to get parents and children playing with traditional wooden toys this Christmas, and I can tell you that we didn’t take much convincing. We love wooden toys and some of the bits and pieces we’ve collected over the years still look as good as new. As we always say, the best toys don’t take batteries!

Christmas gifts for all the

The wooden rocket toy is fantastic. Brightly coloured, sturdy and well made, it’s one of those toys you just know they’re going to play with over and over. This one will have Bella’s name on it but I get the feeling Luka is going to love this one too!

Christmas gifts for all the

The rocket did take a while to build, but I was determined to do it without help! That said, the instructions are easy to follow and the whole thing fits together really well. I love toys like this because the possibilities for imaginative play are endless. Bella and Luka play wonderfully in these situations and I just know that they are going to love this on Christmas day.

The rocket also comes with some lovely wooden dolls and accessories- a moon buggy and other little bits that I have to confess I don’t know the names of! I’m hoping to use the rocket in the new year to do a mini space project, so perhaps this will be a learning curve for me too! Everything is really well made and sturdy, and there is so much scope for imaginative play here.

Christmas gifts for all the

Make sure you check out the rest of the wooden toys at Asda and let me know #WhatWoodYouPlay?

Personalised books from Love 2 read

We’re huge fans of Love2Read and we were delighted to be asked to review a book for them. I want to do a separate post on this, but I wanted to include them in this guide because I think they’d make a wonderful Christmas gift, especially for baby’s first Christmas. We chose to make a book about Elsie’s first birthday, which was so easy to do. Simply choose your theme, follow the instructions as you dd your photos and simple text, and then send to the printers. They only take a couple of days to come back to you and the result is one personalised book filled with precious memories to keep forever. Keep an eye out for my post on Elisie’s book this week.

Wooden walker from House of Fraser

Elsie is a lucky girl! We were asked to choose something from House of Fraser’s toy collection recently, and we went for this beautiful wooden trolley walker from Hamleys.

Christmas gifts for all the

Elsie’s at that funny in between stage when it comes to walking. She’s been pulling up and cruising on furniture for some time now, but actually walking by herself is yet to happen. This is a strange phenomenon for us! Elsie’s siblings were all walking by ten months, so by all account she is taking her time! So toys like this are great because they help her practise, allow her to be on her feet when she really wants to be, and give her the support she needs until she’s confident enough to step out by herself.

Christmas gifts for all the

The trolley was very easy to put together (you just need an allen key, not provided) and when built it’s sturdy and strong. It’s lightweight too, so when Elsie walks with it we stack it with wooden bricks to give her a little more stability. She loves sitting and sorting her treasures in her trolley!

Christmas gifts for all the

Like many of the toys from the Hamleys range, the wooden trolley walker is wonderfully made and beautifully designed. It’s simple and the colours on the sides of the trolley are bright and playful. The wheels turn well and the handle is study and safe. What’s more, its another wonderful wooden toy that requires no batteries this Christmas! Elsie already loves it, and we’re happy to have another wheeled item in the house. Honestly!

Christmas gifts for all the

It’s a toy that will stand the test of time, and at just £27.99 it’s a great buy for Christmas.

Gifts from Wicked Uncle

A few other bits and bobs have come to us courtesy of Wcked Uncle. What I love about this site is the fact hat the toys are so well organised, so that searching for age appropriate gifts is really easy. If you’re anything like me, by this point in the year online shopping is the ONLY way to go now. I cannot stand the queues and the crowds, especially when i’ve got the little ones with me. So Wicked Uncle is such a life save this time of year!

Christmas gifts for all the

As you can see from the screen shot above, you can search in categories, according to age, gender (great for when you’re looking for specific items such as girl’s watches, jewellery and nail art etc. `Although its worth pointing out that many gifts are gender neutral, and if you aren’t happy with searching this way you don’t have to), or you can browse current best sellers too. I love the fact that there are some really unusual gifts here, and some really great stocking filler ideas too.

Once you’ve made your selection, ordering is easy and you get this cute message that pops up, informing you that you’re now the best relative! I love these little touches so much!

You can choose to gift wrap and send a message with you gift too, so if you have relatives who don’t live close enough you can send them direct. I won’t spoil the surprise of what we got for Luka as his birthday is only a couple of weeks away! Do check out Wicked Uncle if you have some more presents to buy and you’re stuck for ideas.

We were sent items to review. All opinions are my own.

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