Find your voice and make it count

It’s been an amazing year. Despite the crushing lows there have been dizzying highs. Despite the sleepless nights that seem to drag my spirit along the ground. Despite the hospital appointments and stressful workload. Despite this, its been amazing. Because this year I found my voice, and I decided to make it count.

Find your voice and make it

This year I made it to the finals of two different blogging awards. I made as a finalist in the Inspire category of the BIBs2015 and as a finalist in the Best Pregnancy category in the MADs2015. At the latter, I also made it to the finals of the Outstanding Contribution category, and for this honour I was given a trophy to take home. Amazing. And last night I received an email that actually blew me away. I’ve been long listed in the Seraphine Mum’s Voice award at the Tommy’s Awards.

Along with my two friends, Leigh at Headspace Perspective and Jenny at Great North Mum, I have been given another chance to make my voice count. Being long listed is such an incredible honour and I can hardly believe that I am on that list… but I am.

And in writing about my pregnancy with Elsie, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of sharing stories. Of opening up to laying down the truth. Of pouring out words that reach out to others. I’ve come to appreciate the strength of the shared experience. And with every email that thanks me for sharing my story, every comment on here, or on Facebook, and every tweet that says “I get it” means that this voice is actually being heard. I am making it count.

If you’re passionate, show it. Write about it, do something, believe in what you do. This advice has been passed on to me many times, and I hope that I can continue to follow it. Because when you strip away everything else, all that matters are the words I write with belief and certainty that my story must be told.

Find your voice and make it

If our story of a HG pregnancy, and IUGR baby and a pregnancy after birth trauma has touched you in any way, I would dearly love you to show your support by helping me to get shortlisted for the Tommy’s awards. I want to carry on raising awareness and reaching out to other families. I want to take my story to further corners. Now that I’ve found my voice, I want to make it count.

The Mum’s Voice Award celebrates a mum who has spoken out about her own pregnancy experience and given hope to others. If you think I deserve to be shortlisted, please email with Ghostwritermummy in the title, and a few sentences on why you think I should be shortlisted. Thank you so much!

To the mum who spent hours lying on the bathroom floor, too poorly to lift her head but never beaten. To the mum who spent week after week waiting for her baby to grow, to show signs of life, to hang on in there a little longer. To the mum who watched her life tip upside down in the blink of an eye… to you all, find your voice. Make it count. And remember you are amazing.



    • ghostwritermummy
      December 10, 2015 / 2:25 pm

      Thank you! x x

    • ghostwritermummy
      December 10, 2015 / 2:21 pm

      Thank you so much! x

  1. December 10, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    Huge congratulations to you and well done on such an inspirational post! 🙂 X

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