Time doesn’t always heal. But it does put space between you and what’s happened. Sometimes that space feels confined, as small as a box. Sometimes you feel trapped. You can’t move. You can’t breathe. You can’t tidy up the jumbled thoughts in your head.

Sometimes that space is nothing. A collection of moments, hours, days, weeks between what happened then and what happens now. Sometimes that space is dwindling, taking you back in time and back in spirit.

Sometimes that space feels wider.

luka time

You have room to breathe, to think, to be. You have a little clarity, some perspective on what happened and a goal ahead of you to reach. You have a mission, perhaps.

Sometimes that space is empowering, liberating and strengthening. Sometimes you can look back and it can hit you all at once: look how far I’ve come.

Look at all I’ve done, despite it all.

Despite the nights spent in fear, feeling worthless and useless. The hours spent crying, re-living, wishing. Wishing for a different past, and happier future. Wishing for a different you. Wishing for more time and more space. Despite it all, look what I’ve done. How far I’ve come. How much I still have to do.

No, time doesn’t always heal. But it does put space between that happened and what’s happening. And what will happen tomorrow. And my tomorrow will be different. My tomorrow will be worth it. My tomorrow will come.

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