Bepanthen’s winter skin care tips for babies

This time of year is really harsh on the little one’s skin. Poor Elsie and Bella are both really suffering with eczema at the moment. For Elsie, I think it’s a combination of the tail end of the failed milk ladder, and for Bella it’s probably the cold air and warm central heating causing havoc. Whatever the cause, they are both covered in dry, red patches all over their arms, legs and tummies at the moment. We’re a little stuck with what to use on it too, seeing as they both have very sensitive skin. Recently though, we were sent a winter skin care package from Bepanthen, so I thought I’d put together a few tips on winter skin care for babies.  Please leave me your tips in the comments too- we’ll try anything!

bepanthen winter skin care

Know your rashes

Apparently lots of babies are born with dry skin, or baby eczema as my midwife called it. Its quite normal, and usually clears up by itself so is nothing to worry about. The three younger ones, however, all suffered with it long after it was supposed to have gone. I must admit to being a bit of a worrier when it comes to rashes, and I always have a meningitis check list in the baby’s room so that I can rule that out first. But when it comes to eczema I can still be a little flumoxed! Since Luka and Esie both suffer with allergies, it’s sometimes a little difficult to know whether it’s eczema or a reaction to something they’ve eaten. There’s a really good article on the Bepanthen site on the different types of rashes babies get, well worth a read.

Speak to a doctor when eczema flares

The first thing we do when the kids have a flare up is pop to the GP to make sure all is ok. Eczema rashes can become infected quite easily, especially if they itch, and the last thing we want is a small flare up escalating into something more painful and uncomfortable. Sometimes the little ones are prescribed steroid cream and double base creams to treat it, but mostly we are advised to treat it at home.

Use gentle washing detergents

We always use non bio because the children’s skin is so sensitive. We also make sure that whatever goes into the bath is gentle too; mostly they bathe in just water and we wash with really mild soap.

Wear thin layers

When the little ones get too hot, they sweat. And when they sweat it irritates their skin, so we tend to dress them in thin layers instead.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Every morning, and every night without fail. We try to make it fun too, and now Bella is older she is in charge of her own cream. At the moment we’re using Bepanthen’s baby moisturiser which is really lovely. It contains “pro vitamin B5, which helps the skin’s natural recovery process, and is so gentle that it can be used from birth… free from alcohol, colours, fragrances, parabens and other preservatives, lanolin or paraffin.”

Keep nappy rash at bay

Elsie doesn’t suffer very often, but when she does we use a barrier cream on her bottom. We genuinely love Bepanthen because we know it’s kind to skin, and we know that it’s going to soothe and protect. It’s non perfumed and contains no nasty chemicals either, so we know we can trust it.

What are your top skin care tips for babies?


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