We’ve recently been having so much fun with some super duper games from Megableu! Back in October, I told you all about our Halloween inspired games, Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt. This month I want to tell you about three more family games we’ve been lucky enough to try out too- PLUS you can have a chance to win all five in time for Christmas! How exciting. Here are our thoughts on Alien Mission, Tricking’ Camel and Cobra Attack, plus details on how you can win a family games set from Megableu!

Win a Family Games set from Megableu!_Ghostwritermummy.co.ukAlien Mission

This is a really fantastic little game, very similar to Ghost Hunt but with a slightly different twist. Players are once more required to wear goggles (much hilarity ensues) and as if by magic, aliens appear! Players then use the gun to shoot them, earning points for for destroying them as quickly as possible. Ok, so it’s not the most gentle of family games but I can assure you it really is a lot of fun! Perfect for Luka, who loves to run about rather than sit at the table for board games.

It encourages little ones to get active and helps with hand to eye co-ordination and motor skills too. The game requires 6AAA batteries, which are not included.

Trickin’ Camel

Win a Family Games set from Megableu!_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

This one was my personal favourite and we have played this over and over again since it arrived. I love that there are three different challenges to complete, with the element of surprise if you don’t get it right! The idea of the game is that you must pretend you are a traveller in the dessert. You are so thirsty, so weary and so tired. And then, a camel appears with a huge basket of drinks on his back! All you need to do to earn a bottle of refreshing water, is complete a challenge. Players take it in turns to complete the challenges (based on lights and sounds) and that’s it. If you get it wrong though, the camel spits at you!

Bella loved this game too. Some of the challenges were a little tricky for her, but I love that they force her to think and to concentrate a little. She was actually fantastic at the copy the sounds and light sequence challenge!

This game also requires batteries- 3AA, no included.

Cobra Attack

This one was Bella’s favourite game, and its a really lovely game for younger children to get involved with. Again, it’s an active game and it takes very little setting up with no complicated instructions at all. All you need to do is creep up to the snake in his basket, and attempt to snatch the emerald without waking him up!

Win a Family Games set from Megableu!_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The cobra’s eyes change colour. When they are red, player move closer and closer to the snake, intent on stealing the emerald. When the eyes turn green, he’s watching you and you must stay still. If the cobra catches you, he’ll jump out of his basket and you lose! This game prompted so much laughter and is genuinely so much fun to play!

This game requires 4 AA batteries, not included.
Here’s a short video of the game in progress!


Win family games set from Megableu_Ghostwritermummy.co.ukWant to win these three games, plus the Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunter game from the previous post? All you need to do is fill in your details on the form below, and leave me a comment telling me which game you like the sound of the most. Good luck!

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