Christmas figures around the world

So the kids are bouncing from the ceiling and are absolutely beside themselves with excitement for Friday’s visitor. They cannot wait for Santa to come a-knockin’ ( we don’t have a chimney) and although they don’t actually like the idea of the big guy coming into their bedrooms, they’re still pretty keen for him to make it to ours on Christmas Eve. We tend to hang the stockings on the outside of the bedroom doors and Santa has a key which we leave in the porch, along with his mince pies and sherry. So for us Santa’s visit is more than enough, but I was intrigued to find out that depending on where you live, it might not be Santa popping down the chimney on Thursday night. The people at Stay Sourced sent me this infographic with some info on who exactly brings the gifts at Christmas and it makes fascinating reading.

Christmas figures around the

So who’s visiting this Christmas? Let’s hope it’s not Krampus, the evil goat devil who accompanies Santa on his travels in Germany. Krampus uses a stick to beat naughty children, and even eats some of them if they’re really naughty. And while we’re at it, I hope Pere Foutard (Father Whipper) stays in France this Christmas too. He’s Santa’s servant (banished to a lifetime of this duty as punishment for eating children) and acts on strict orders to beat children if needs be. Wow! Father Christmas is a little mean in other countries!

Of course, the UK has Father Christmas, but did you know he traditionally wore green? He was banned in the 17th century for being ‘un Christian’ but to be honest I think he is a lot more Christmassy than Catalonia’s poo log. Yes, that right. A poo log. In the days before Christmas the local children cover the poo log in a blanket and give it food to eat. Then on Christmas day they beat it, demanding that it defecates presents. I think our mince pie on a plate tradition is quite tame now!

Who delivers the presents at Christmas in your house?

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