Before Christmas, I was sent a beautiful Komono Moneypenny Royale watch from Joy The Store. I don’t usually get things for me to review, so this was a real treat. And although its taken me a while to write up this review, I really cannot tell you how much I love it! Its simple, elegant and versatile because it goes within outfit at all. And the best thing? I discovered Joy The Store!

The Komono Moneypenny Royale watch from Joy The

Not long after the watch arrived, we went for a day out in York and I stumbled upon a bricks and mortar Joy The Store. So I popped in, and fell in love with almost everything inside. Beautiful dresses, cute little cardigans, stunning shoes… Its the kind of shop that looks as though its a one off. Tucked away into a side street, filled with goodies you won’t get anywhere else. And yet its online too! I’ve since noticed we have a branch in Manchester too, which makes me very happy! If you have a Joy The Store branch near you, do pop in to take a look. You’ll know what I mean when you do!

The Komono Moneypenny Royale watch arrived in simple packaging with a nod towards its Japanese origins. It has a Japanese quartz movement and a silver metal mesh strap that can be adjusted according to your wrist size.The Komono Moneypenny Royale watch from Joy The

As a watch, it does what it’s supposed to do and since it arrived I’ve barely taken it off. It’s reliable and looks lovely too.

So because Joy The Store is filled with beautiful things that I cannot wait to get my hands on, I though I’d style an outfit or two for the Komono Moneypenny Royale watch. The first outfit is probably my favourite, and its the type of outfit I’d wear on an informal night out. I love the green of the dress and the pattern is fun too. What do you think?

Joy The Store


The second outfit I chose is a little louder, but I wanted to include it because it demonstrates perfectly the diversity of products in the shop. I LOVE the pattern of the dress so much!

Joy The Store 2


Lastly I chose a more formal outfit, probably one I’d wear to the office…

Joy The Store 3


Each outfit compliments the Komono Moneypenny Royale watch perfectly, don’t you think?

The watch can be bought either instore or online for £70.
I was sent one Komono Moneypenny Royale watch free of charge for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.