The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

We had an incredibly awesome Christmas, and it’s taken me a while to sort through all the photos! We took the kids on a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris, and we took an iCandy Raspberry with us too. This is what we thought…

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland

How it looks

On first impressions, the iCandy Raspberry in fuchsia is a truly stunning pushchair. I’ve gone for the black chassis, but you can also choose a brushed aluminium chassis too. And the colours! I chose the bright, funky fuchsia because I love how it looks and there really is a colour to suit all. If you prefer something a little more classic, there is the Arctic Night (black) or the Atlantic (a lovely muted teal blue). And for the lovers of all things bright and beautiful: the Wisteria is a powerful purple shade, and the Sunflower is all that it promises- a fantastic bright yellow! Personally, I think the fuchsia looks amazing!

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland

Also included in our package- we received a seat liner (these are now free with every purchase of the Raspberry), foot muff and a cup holder. So everything we needed for long days out at Disneyland Paris!

How it folds

We decided to take the Raspberry to Paris because we needed to save as much space as possible. We have a seven seater car and a roof box, but there are six of us, so as we were driving to Paris via the euro tunnel we knew we had to be sensible with our packing. The Raspberry thankfully folded small enough to pop in the boot with the rest of the luggage so taking it with us was no issue at all. It’s marketed as a compact pushchair and in our experience, it certainly is. It folds very easily too- simply pop on the brake, fold the seat forwards, push in the little button at the handle, and pull the two handles at the sides towards you. The pushchair then folds with the seat still attached.

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland

How it unfolds

Unfolding the Raspberry has taken a little practise, and at first it seemed quite stiff. To do it, you open up the seat, and push down on the two handles that you pulled up to fold. This has to be done in a swift motion, otherwise the chassis doesn’t click into place. You know its up properly when you hear the click. And once its up, its sturdy and reliable.

Is it lightweight?

We took the Raspberry to Disneyland at Christmas. It was packed. And I mean packed! Children, adults, other prams, wheelchairs- you name it, Disneyland has it. It also has very crowded areas which would be a complete nightmare for a bigger pram. So yes, it is lightweight- enough to be able to nip through small spaces and crowds, and enough to be able to swerve out of the way of fellow visitors who were less than aware of their surroundings!

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland

iCandy say that the Raspberry is for parents on the go. For ” hopping on and off buses, from cafés to cabs, up curbs and through the city” and I have to say that for us, it ticked all the boxes! We spent a day in the city of Paris, taking the train and the metro link from certain points, and the Raspberry was perfect. Some stations in Paris don’t have disabled or pushchair access at all, so we found ourselves having to carry the pushchair up and down stairs, and even over turnstiles at one point. It was a major plus point having the lightweight Raspberry with us because we were able to do this easily. A different pram would have meant very limited access.

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

Does it have smooth manoeuvres?

Another promise from iCandy. And another huge tick from us. We stayed at the Davy Crockett Ranch about 15 minutes away from the Disneyland parks. It’s basically a ranch with log cabins, and lots of woody/ grassy areas to explore, plus a central hub with a shop and restaurant etc. The Raspberry handled the terrain at the ranch really well, despite being designed mainly for city life. It’s not an all terrain pushchair, but because it is agile, we were able to get around very easily indeed.

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

Is it really a spacious storage capsule?

We have four kids. We took picnics out with us. We took coats that get stripped off. We bought toys. We have ‘stuff’, and lots of it. So was the iCandy Raspberry able to contain us all? Well, this photo probably answers that…

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

Believe me when I tell you we packed up that pushchair day after day and we never had any issues at all. So yes, it’s spacious and the basket stores a LOT of stuff.

Is it comfortable?

Both Elsie and Bella took naps in the Raspberry while we were away. The seat liner is a gorgeous soft fleece and it kind of hugs baby’s head, whilst at the same time keeping her cosy and warm too. And the footmuff is fab too- fleece lined, and has a soft shell outer fabric that wipes clean easy and keeps little ones so warm and snug. The seat is a decent size too (Bella is almost 4) and its comfortable for parents too because it has a soft grip handle which extends out.

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

The Raspberry also has a generous hood, made from a really soft fabric, that keeps baby sheltered from the cold and wind. There is also a rain shield but we didn’t need to use that in Paris. The fact that Elsie slept so soundly amidst the hustle and bustle of Disneyland really is testament to the comfort of the Raspberry- she is a very light sleeper and won’t sleep just anywhere!

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

Two months on…

Since we returned from Paris, the Raspberry is permanently in my car boot so that it’s there for the school run, short trips to the shops and quick trips to town. It’s perfect because it folds down so quickly and keeps Elsie nice and snug in the horrid weather we’ve been having. I use it every day and the wear to the wheels is honestly very minimal. The footmuff and hood still look as new (no marks or smudges at all) and the chassis has not one single scratch or scuff. It’s lightweight, nippy and- let’s face it- very pretty!

I won’t lie, Manchester is nowhere near as glamorous as Paris, but the Raspberry handles the city life in England just as well as it does over there. And while we may not have the Eiffel Tower, the Raspberry looks just as at home not the school run as it did in the original city of culture and romance!

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris


We LOVE the Raspberry. If you’re looking for a small, lightweight pram that nips around the city and on/ off public transport then this is the one for you. The bright flavour packs make the Raspberry fun and modern and yes, I agree that its sophisticated too. Find out more here.

We were sent one iCandy Raspberry and accessories free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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