The Totseat: a review

Before Christmas we were sent a fantastic Totseat for Elsie to try out. We’d already used one for The School Boy and for the Preschooler, so we knew that it was a product worth saying yes to! We chose the beautiful Paddington Bear print, and since it arrived we’ve used it in so many different situations. This is what we thought…

The Totseat: a

Elsie is only little. And while she’s rapidly catching up to babies her age, she’s still on the small size for 15 months. This means that using highchairs while we’re out and about is often quite perilous! Most of the time, the straps don’t fasten tightly enough to keep her contained (she likes to climb) so having the Totseat in my handbag means that we can pretty much salvage any meal out these days. That has to be one of the most fantastic things about the Totseat- it folds up and fits into any bag or pocket, meaning you have a safe and secure seat for your baby no matter where you are. As long as there is a chair to use, of course!

How it works

The Tot seat comes with two pieces of fabric. It has a cumberband type strip which fastens with velcro for chairs without a back, as shown in this photo:

The Totseat: a

I always make sure this strip of fabric comes with us when we’re out, although I haven’t had to use it much. The whole thing comes in a little fabric pouch and it doesn’t take up much room so its no problem at all. As you can see from the photo, it provides a back rest for little ones. It’s very sturdy too, fastened with a really thick strip of velcro.

The second piece of fabric fits over the chair, like this photo shows. Please excuse the wrinkles- the Totseat pops into the machine with a normal wash, and I don’t always iron it. Sorry!

The Totseat: a

Once you have the two pieces of fabric (or just the large one, if your chair has a back), you need to adjust the Totseat to fit the chair. There is a drawstring and elastic cords you fasten with buttons to make sure that it fits securely.

The Totseat: a

Then all you need is a baby! Like so…

The Totseat: a

Depending on the height of the chair and table, we pop a cushion under Elsie’s bottom. Now she’s a little bigger, she tends to be ok with just the chair seat, but it can vary. Once she’s sitting, you need to work fast- Elsie is very wriggly, and very quick too. If we’re not careful, she’ll clamber down or topple off or something! Luckily that’s never happened, and the Totseat is so easy to use that we tend to be able to get her securely fastened before she realises! All you need to do is pull the bottom of the fabric up to the tummy, and fasten at the back of the chair with the harness. Voila!

The Totseat: a

The Totseat will work on any chair, and we use it on the generic wooden highchairs you tend to get in restaurants too. And because it’s machine washable, you can just pop it in with the bibs and other washing, and it will be dry in time for the next meal. It’s a squashable washable seat that’s perfect for travelling- we used it in Paris at Christmas- and for at home too.


Totseat: a product that we’re thankful to have, and that we thoroughly recommend to other parents. The Totseat is always either in my bag or under my pram and it is used all the time. Brilliant! You can buy online here, price from £22. Suitable for 6-30 months.

We were sent one Totseat for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

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