An Announcement in five little is this is even happening? How am I making this announcement, with every intention of following this through? How has it already begun, this new journey? But it has, even if only slightly. And it’s very early days, but this new stage for our family has begun none the less. And so I need to make the announcement, and make it real. Make it so it is really happening.

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And so begins one of the last journeys my last baby will take. From nappy to knickers. For the last time. A lingering vestige of babyhood that she is becoming more and more ready to rid herself of. Again, how is this even happening?

I am almost going through the 5 stages of grief right now, as her baby-ness starts to come to an end.
She is nowhere big enough. She cannot reach the sink, or the toilet, and she’s still in a cot so she cannot get up for the toilet in the night. She is too little. She is my baby.

Why does life have to move so quickly? Why can’t we stay in that newborn haze, the bubble of tiny-ness, where your days revolve around nothing more than feeding, sleeping, nappy changes? Why do things have to change, to end, to move on?

Could we just keep her at the baby stage for a little while longer? I promise then, I will let her go. I will embrace the toddler years with a fierce passion, if I can only have a few more days…

My baby is growing up. My last baby. Never again to feel those kicks from within, to hear those new mewling cries. Never to hold a tiny body against my chest, to stroke soft downy hair. Never to marvel at the curling of the tiny fingers on her perfect hands, the softness of her precious skin. Never again, no more babies.

But what we’ve had has been so precious, so amazing that i just know here is much more to come. More adventures, more laughter, more love.

And so, from the five stages of grief to the 6 steps of potty training. This is us now. This is Elsie. Full of life, bursting with adventures yet to happen.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey.

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