Introducing #6StepsToPottyTrainingSuccess: an update

It’s been a month or so since we made our first proper vlog! Have you seen it yet? Just in case you haven’t, here we go…

Making the video was a real labor of love, not only because filming, editing and indeed speaking to the camera is all new for us, but because of the potty training journey itself too. In the video I talk about the six steps to potty training success, and one of the first steps is spotting the signs that your little one is ready to start their big new adventure. Being under two, Elsie is probably one of the youngest Huggies ambassadors and certainly the only one who has yet to even start potty training, so when we made the video we were still very much at the ‘accidentally pooing in the bath stage’ (see video)… so where we are now? Here’s a little update.

Elsie is one year and 10 months old and fast approaching her second birthday. I’m well aware that her eldest sister was already dry day and night by this age, and her other sister was well into potty training by now too. Her brother was a little less keen to get going, and when we filmed this video we assumed Elsie would be the same as him. BUT just recently, she has been showing more than one or two signs of readiness.Introducing #6StepsToPottyTrainingSuccess: an update

She’s been getting nappies and wipes for us for a while now so we know that she understands simple instructions, and she knows what nappies are, which is a good place to start! But lately she’s been telling us when she needs to be changed, and has been delighted to ask to use the toilet before bath time too. Does that stop her from pooing in the bath? Does it heck! She also flirted with the odd poo on the bedroom floor recently too, so we were more than a little baffled as to where this was all leading. Ultimately though, she did tell us that she’d done it, so we chose to grab a positive and thank her for letting us know! I only wish her brother had known too, to save him stepping in it and spreading it across three rooms, the landing and MY BED… but that’s another blog post.

Introducing #6StepsToPottyTrainingSuccess: an updateSo, for now this is where we are. Elsie has an awareness of her nappy needing changing, and she is watching others use the toilet and wanting to join in. She’s seeking praise when she sits on the loo and she has even done a wee there too. She is still a little way off being ready to start potty training though. I know from experience that the whole process is so much easier when the child is completely ready to go, so I’m not going to push her. Instead, we’re going to keep asking if she wants to use the toilet and potty, and we’ll talk her through changing her nappy. We have a lot of changes coming up with her big sister stating school next week, so we plan to give it a couple of weeks before introducing the Huggies Pull Ups and seeing how we progress with those.

Ultimately, Elsie is healthy and happy. And still so young! This is a journey that is about so much more than leaving nappies behind; its a journey of development and that will only happen when Elsie is ready.

In the meantime, if you want to stock up on Huggies PullUps, you can grab a pack from Morrisons right now at the bargain price of just £2!

6StepsToPottyTrainingSuccess: an update_

This offer ends on the 4th September so it’s definitely worth stocking up on a few packs, even if like us you’re yet to start potty training. We’ll be back with another update (and video!) in a couple of weeks- and hopefully in the meantime we won’t have to endure any more poo on the floor or in the bath!

We are Huggies ambassadors and have received payment for this sponsorship.

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