The #DysonChallenge

Recently Luka and I were invited to Manchester museum of science and industry to take part in the #DysonChallenge with Currys PC World. Now those who know me know that I actually love vacuuming and Dyson are a brand that I have always relied on too. I’ve owned two Dyson vacuums in my life, and I have to say that they are the kings of the vacuum world. That said, my last model has been relegated to the garage in the last few months, but only due to a couple of design ‘flaws’ that I’ll talk about in a moment. I’ll point out now that the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum has eliminated these ‘flaws’ (and I say flaws, really I mean niggles to me personally!) which is fantastic. So the aim of the #DysonChallenge was to showcase a couple of new products, and to inspire our kids to think about how these products work, and how the engineers work hard to make sure that their creations are the best they can be.

Take a look at my video of our day:

Our day started with cookies and coffee, before the kids were invited to explore the Dyson products on show. We were also split into groups to take on the challenges set by the Dyson engineers, who very kindly talked us through the design process for the new Cinetic Big Ball vacuum and the Pure Cool Link air purifier. First up- windmill fans, to help the kids understand how the purifier worked. Our second challenge was to create a robot similar to the Cinetic Big Ball vacuum- not so easy as it turns out!

The Cinetic Big Ball has a curved body with a low centre of gravity to ensure that the vacuum doesn’t fall over as you clean. It also makes sure that it doesn’t get stuck when you go round corners, which was one of my niggles. Now, the cleaner is self righting, like our little egg robots!

Another niggle that has been cleared up is the swan neck wand handle which swivels 360 degrees, meaning you can reach all of the awkward corners now. Oh, and this one also has a new bin empty mechanism which means that I’d no longer need to use a chopstick to empty the bin properly. Don’t ask.

Overall, Dyson have taken an already amazing vacuum cleaner and made it even better. We were given the chance to play with the Cinetic Big Ball, plus an upright cleaner and a couple of the hand held models too. The kids were invited to make a mess (such fun!) and we were all totally smitten by the end of the day. Thanks so much to Currys PC World for arranging the event, and to Dyson for designing a cleaner that is now at the top of my Christmas list!

We were invited to attend the #DysonChallenge event with Currys PC World and will receive a Dyson product in return for our time. All opinions are my own.

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