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Something I’ve been trying to implement into my life in recent weeks is self care. Regular readers will know that I’ve been attending Positive Thinking counselling sessions, and one thing that has been noted is that I have trouble switching off. I’ve always been the same. My mind has always been active, jumping from one topic to another with no pause for reflection. In the past I have found yoga extremely helpful, and this is something I’ve started to re-introduce into my routine thanks to the wonderful Happiness Habits eCourse from Michelle at The Joy Chaser. Another aspect of self care for me is taking care of my body, and to that end the gym has literally been a sanity saver for me. And recently, I was introduced to Urban Massage, which is a wonderful concept and a must for tired and sore muscles. Its also a must for tired and sore minds, as it turns out!

Self care: urban Massage is a service that allows you to book a professional massage wherever you are, and what’s even better is that a qualified therapist will then visit you in your home within an hour. So for those of us (me, me, me!) who have limited time and can experience increased anxiety at the thought of taking out too much time for self care, its a brilliant idea. We have an Urban Massage up here in Manchester, and they are located elsewhere too- just check on the site for your location.

Now, massage is something that I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with. I’m not all that keen on being touched, or manipulated in that way- as is the case for some people. When I’m stressed, I tend to want to get on the treadmill or work it out at the gym. I find yoga and massage too difficult to focus on and my mind starts to get more and more frenzied almost, because I’m getting frustrated at being unable to relax. However, since I’ve been working with a personal trainer at the gym, I’ve found that muscle soreness and aching is something that occurs quite regularly, and the idea of a massage is starting to appeal. I’ve also been concentrating on clearing my mind, and allowing myself to let go a little by becoming more mindful. Practising being in the moment and focusing on keeping all other thoughts away for short periods of time. I am a long way from meditation, but I am a lot better than I was. And so perhaps a massage would not be quite such a bad thing anymore?

Research has shown that a massage can help to ease sore and stuff muscles after exercise, and not only that but it can help you to train better next time as well. Add on to that the fact that it can boost digestion, sleep (a big one for me!), skin health and headaches. But the biggest thing is the fact that regular massage can also help you to feel less stressed, which is another huge thing for me.Self Care: Urban

So Urban Massage works like this: enter your address, choose your treatment, and the day/ time you want your massage and book it. Simple! Its perfect for people like me, who are busy but in need of a massage. People with children, who cannot drag them all across the city and keep them quiet for the duration of a massage in a small consultation office. Relaxing? No. Its for people who may need a quick treatment during their lunch hour at work, or after a hard session at the gym. Its a tailored service because you choose the time, the day and the treatment. You are in control, and all with a simple app. Fancy giving it a go?

You can use the unique code GHOSTWRITERMUMMY for £10 off your first booking! Click the code to go straight to the site, or click here and take advantage of this fantastic offer.

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