Our Num Noms Collection… Series Three

A little while ago Ghostwriterdaddy and I were talking about how the kids don’t really collect things like we used to. I was so SO proud of my rubber collection. I had them all stored in an old Quality Street tin and would literally spending hours just sniffing them. I was easily pleased- don’t tell me I’m the only one! My favourite was a little pink ferrari that smelled of strawberries… so anyway. There seems to be so much stuff / toys in our house, but nothing that has really caught their attention and made them want to start a collection. They’ve had Match Attax cards, squinkies, Lego cards… but nothing sticks. That was, until Bella discovered Num Noms. And now, apparently, we have a collection in the making. Here are my thoughts on our Num Noms collection… series three.Our Num Noms Collection... series three_Ghostrwritermummy.co.uk

What are Num Noms?

Ok, so I have to say that Bella has been asking for Num Noms for ages, but in true mum style I didn’t really know what they were and so I never really got around to getting her any. All I can say now is, I’m sorry! Num Noms are exactly the kind of thing that five year old me would have lovingly admired from the confines of a Quality Street tin! They’re super cute, devine smelling little rubber collectables (some of them are actually erasers too!) and we’re all hooked!

Series three (yes, we now need to stock up on series one and two) were sent to us to try out and it’s safe to say they’re every bit as wonderful as Bella imagined! For a girl a little bit obsessed with pink, glitter and do-nuts they are just perfect.

Our Num Noms Collection... series three_Ghostrwritermummy.co.ukMaking a collection

So the collection has begun. But it seems times have moved on, because these little guys are actually getting played with. I think the cute faces and adorable smells make them irresistible to kids, but mine in particular love imaginative play so it was inevitable that they’d spend time just playing with the Num Noms. We’ve had sports day, birthday parties, picnics and all sorts. I love that the girls have thrown themselves into role play and listening to them adopt difference voices for each character is really cute.Our Num Noms Collection... series three_Ghostrwritermummy.co.uk

The thing with collections though, is that once they start, they need to be completed. If the child gets hooked, that is. I’m quite happy to ‘lose’ Match Attax cards…See, the problem with Match Attax cards is that you don’t know what you’re getting when you buy them. They’re sealed in packets and are inevitably a disappointment when you’re left with loads of swaps on your hands. So while collectables are aimed at getting your kids hooked on wanting you to buy more and more to complete the sets, Num Noms are at least playing fairly. The sets we were sent were displayed in clear plastic boxes so you know exactly what you’re getting in order to get the ones you want/ need. And they don’t get stuck inside a book either, so if you do have two the same they’re cherished just as much- and you’re not forced to either beg your friends to swap or to hide them in the bin! Although if you’re feeling lucky, you can go for the mystery packs…Our Num Noms Collection... series three_Ghostrwritermummy.co.uk

Collections in 2017

Another difference between Bella’s Num Noms collection and my beloved old rubber collection- they’re online. The Num Noms site is actually really fun, and Bella’s going to flip when she sees that she can play games, print off a checklist and more. I love this.

Our verdict

We’re hooked! Num Noms series three is super cute. Bella particularly loves the little do-nut characters (Choco spinkles, anyone?) and I can’t get enough of the Melony Seeds scent! There are still many on her list to get so I imagine end of term gifts are going to be easy for her this year!Our Num Noms Collection... series three_Ghostrwritermummy.co.uk

Num Noms are a little on the expensive side so they’re not something that I would buy for Bella every week- but because they do get played with, I certainly will be helping her to extend her collection gradually. We’re delighted to announce that we’ll soon be getting a sneak peak at series four too- so watch this space! Num Noms are cute, friendly, collectable and sweet. And in Bella’s words: “We need them ALL!”Our Num Noms Collection... series three_Ghostrwritermummy.co.uk

WE were sent Num Noms series three free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no payment was received.



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