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One thing I’ve always been a little over cautious with is teeth, for myself and for the kids too. It was always drummed into me as a child that once the big teeth came through, that was it. Those were your teeth for life, and you need to take care of them. I admit to being a little paranoid about oral hygiene, but since teaching a number of children with rotten teeth I always feel my fears are justified. As parents, its up to us to set a good example for our children, and that means taking good care of ourselves too. I never ever skip brushing my teeth and I never let the kids skip it either. It’s one of those non negotiable tasks that nobody ever questions, thankfully! I was recently asked if I’d like to try out a few products from the UltraDEX range, and since this brand had already been recommended to me by my dentist, I jumped at the chance.

We were sent a tube of UltraDEX low-abrasion toothpaste, a bottle of daily oral rinse and a bottle of fresh breath oral spray.

Fresh Breath Confidence With are renowned for their dedication to oral hygiene with the range they sent me focused on eliminating bad breath, something that all of us are affected with at some point in our lives. Studies have found the bad breath occurs in the mouth in 9 out of 10 cases, and even those with clean mouths can suffer. Eek! I know that I’m always a little paranoid if I’ve eaten garlic or something else strong tasting the night before, and will always think twice if I have a meeting or another social engagement to attend. During pregnancy I was always very sensitive to the smell of other people’s breath (sorry!) and it’s something I do tend to pick up on more easily now. So I was rather excited to try this range and was interested to see whether I could tell the difference.

The toothpaste

Fresh Breath Confidence With usually use a whitening toothpaste with a very strong minty flavour, and I have to say that like my toothpastes strong! The low abrasion toothpaste was probably my least favourite item from the products I was sent, but that’s not to say I didn’t like it as such. As it’s low abrasion, there’s actually no foam when you brush and at first this can seem a little strange. This toothpaste is actually perfect for my eldest as she uses non foaming toothpaste due to a foam phobia. Don’t ask! We searched high and low for a toothpaste that she could use and our dentist actually recommended this one to us- now we have it I think we’ll definitely be buying it again.Fresh Breath Confidence With

It does have a pleasant minty taste, but for me it’s not strong enough and I need some foam to feel as though my teeth are properly clean. My daughter loves it though so it gets a thumbs up from us.

The daily oral rinse

Fresh Breath Confidence With me didn’t check the box before I opened the bottle, and at first I was very confused as to why the oral rinse tasted of nothing… yep, there was a sachet of peppermint flavour to add to the bottle! So check your box if you do buy a bottle of this, as you need to add the sachet and shake well before use. This is a really good daily rinse and leaves your mouth feeling really clean and refreshed after use. Definitely something I’d use again and not too strong a taste, so it doesn’t leave you gasping for air as some mouth washes tend to do. Another thumbs up, but do remember to add the peppermint sachet before you use for the first time. This is a little fiddly but once its done, its done and your daily rinse is good to go.

The fresh breath oral spray

Fresh Breath Confidence With can’t believe I’ve never used one of these fresh breath sprays before! In the past I’ve brushed my teeth more than twice a day if I feel my mouth needs a freshen up, but as I’ve got older I’ve become aware of the dangers of over brushing. I don’t want to remove enamel from my teeth! The fresh breath spray is amazing. It doesn’t just mask bad breath, apparently it works to destroy the bacteria that causes it too. I have to say that the lovely minty taste lingers for a while after using, and it does seem to keep on working too. UltraDEX say that it continues to work for 12 hours after use, which is fantastic.

Fresh Breath Confidence With love that it’s a small size so perfect to fit in your bag or pocket, and great to use discreetly before meetings etc. I’ve been keeping this spray with me all day and use it as and when I feel I need it. A huge thumbs up from me. This is one product I know is going to be handy this summer as we head out to the Green Man festival next month.Fresh Breath Confidence With

Over all, I’ve been really impressed by the products UltraDEX sent and would definitely try more from their range. I don’t think the toothpaste would persuade me to switch from my current brand, but that’s really only down to the lack of foam and not the performance or the taste. It has whitening properties which is another plus, but I’m going to leave this one for my daughter. The oral rinse and the fresh breath spray are definitely on my list to buy again when I run out and I love the minty taste of both.

You can buy UltraDEX from several high street stores and selected dentists.Fresh Breath Confidence With

I was sent UltraDEX products free of charge for review purposes only. I was also paid to review the products but this has not affected my opinions, all of which are my own.

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