Colour My World: The Bic Kids Colouring Range

One thing that always amazes me as a parent is the array of quirks and talents that my children have. I never in a million years imagined a daughter playing defence in the local girl’s football team, or another showing such a flair for ballet and dance. Likewise, I have no idea where my son gets his artistic flair- it certainly isn’t from me! That boy will gladly spend hours with pens, pencils and crayons, drawing, colouring and creating- and his work is absolutely stunning! We were recently sent a few bits and pieces from the Bic kids range and I asked Luka to get busy testing them out for me.Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_

As you can see, he wasted no time creating a few masterpieces!Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_

Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_

Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_ were sent a pack of Kid Couleur felt pens, a pack of Ecolutions Evolutions colouring pencils and a pack of Plastidecor wax crayons and I asked Luka to get busy with them so that we could enter a drawing into the Bic kids drawing competition too- more details on that further on in the post. He’s always fiercely proud of his work- and rightly so- and it was nice to give him the tools to practise his craft!

Luka’s verdict on the Bic range:

The crayons are his favourite, which surprised me a little.

Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_ I assumed he’d prefer the pens, but I think he really enjoyed working with these crayons because the results were so nice on paper. They’re not ‘baby’ crayons according to him. No paper with cutesy pictures on them, just functional and bright colours. They’re easy to hold and create nice vibrant colours. I love the fact that they are cleaner than traditional crayons too, with no smudging onto fingers and other parts of the house!Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_

The pencil crayons were a second favourite

Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_ again, the results from these were bright, funky and clear. Sometimes pencil crayons can be a little ‘watery’ but these have come out really well, as you can see. They’re easy to hold too, and easy to sharpen which is fantastic. They promise no splinters and are even chew resistant- result!bic 17

Lastly, the felt pens.

Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_ I personally think these are great pens, again with lovely bright colours. These have really been put to the test too- one of them has been without a lid for over a week now (sigh) and shows no signs of drying out. A very good sign indeed, as the kids are known for losing lids and letting pens dry up! The fine tips are perfect for older kids too, for more intricate drawings. Luka used them for creating bold colours and for outlining his illustrations, which helps them to pop from the page. I’m loving the fact they are washable too.Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_

Overall we’re really impressed with the range from Bic, as I knew we would be.

Bic are a long standing brand who consistently make good quality and affordable pens, so it stands to reason their kids art range would be of similar standards. What I love most about the products we were sent is the brightness of the colours and the way they all seem to glide onto the page. A big thumbs up from us!Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_

Bic have launched a kid’s drawing competition to encourage budding artists to put themselves forward for a fantastic prize of a £300 voucher plus the chance to have their artwork published!  If your child (aged between 5-11) would like to enter the drawing competition, they can do so here. Luka has entered his Dennis The Menace picture- wish us luck!Colour My World: The Bic Kids Range_

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