There’s no denying that parenting is seriously hard work. It doesn’t matter how fit, how healthy, or how determined you are, you’re going to have to work hard to make sure you keep your kids healthy and raise them to be great, well-rounded individuals. However, recent research suggests that parenting could actually be making you sick.

Children tend to pick up many different illnesses while they’re young, from chicken pox to the common cold. They can pick up germs at school, from playing in dirt – from all kinds of places. Of course, this usually gets passed on to those at home and you end up becoming sick. However, this isn’t the only way parenting could be making you sick. While you may think that everything you do is helping your children, failing to take care of yourself will leave you unable to care for them properly. Here are some pointers that will help you to see whether parenting is making you sick:

You Neglect Things That Help You Take Care Of Yourself

Many parents neglect things that help them to take care of themselves. Maybe you aren’t getting exercise, or eating properly. Maybe you’re constantly doing things for your kids and not thinking about yourself. You really need to make sure you find a way to do things for yourself, for your physical and mental health. This is the only way you can be healthy enough to take care of your kids in the first place.Is Parenting Making You Sick?

You’re Doing The Things Your Kids Should Be Doing

When your kids reach a certain age, they should be the ones who clean their rooms, wash up after themselves, and even handle a few chores around the house. If you’re doing the things your kids should be doing, you’re going to burn out eventually. In the long run, this hinders them. They won’t know how to do things they should know how to do, and they might even get lazy as adults.


You’re Always Worrying

If you’re always worrying about making parenting mistakes, you need to find a way to ease off that anxiety. Meditation can help, as can exercise. Everybody is doing their best, and nobody is perfect.

You’re Not Focused On Your Own Life

You must be focused on your own life, and not try to author or control your children’s lives. When you fail to focus on your own life, you can actually come up against many health problems. Something like a Dr App can help you to figure out the cause of your problems, but you will need to make changes in the long term.

You Blow Things Out Of Proportion

If you’re blowing everything out of a proportion, chances are, you’re too stressed and not seeing the bigger picture. Does it really matter if your child left a cup on the side? They’re going to listen to you more when you speak to them sensibly, like adults, than when you scream and shout.

The key to staying healthy for your kids is to learn to let go a little, especially as they age. Make sure you’re actually helping your child with the things you do, by teaching them valuable life lessons and refusing to do everything for them. Also ensure you focus on your life and work on creating your own joy!

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