Three Ways to Make Memories Last this Christmas and Beyond

Three Ways to Make Memories Last this Christmas and I was younger, a child in the 80s, I had a Polaroid camera that I simply adored. I LOVED taking photos, and having the images develop in my hands a few minutes later. I loved that there was space to write a caption underneath the photo. I loved feeling like a proper photographer, creating something that I could then stick into an album and admire again and again. I still love taking photos, but my camera of choice has been digital for many years now. Until last month, when my husband bought me an Instamax camera. All of a sudden, I’m able to hold a photo in my hands almost immediately again, and it’s made me realise how much I now need to make an effort to print out more of my photos. I think we’re all guilty of it- taking hundreds and thousands of photos each year, and then just saving them to the cloud and never looking at them again. That has to change! Now, I’m determined to fill my home with photos in as many forms as possible and this is the reason why printing services are now my latest obsession! With this in mind I’ve put together three ways to make memories last this Christmas and beyond.

Print out your photos!

Whatever you do, print them out! Put some time aside, maybe ten minutes each day, and sort our your photos. Make folders and resolve to print at least 12 each month. Each time you take a photo that you know you’re going to love, save it to your folder. Each time you share on Instagram, make a note to get it printed. Each time a new month rolls around, order those prints from last month and have them in your home. Just print them. Have the photographs in your hands and enjoy them. These are pieces of art that you’ve created. These are your memories. These are important! Documents you and your loved ones are going to want to look at again and again- so PRINT THEM!

Get creative


I love love love photo walls. Just covering an entire wall in photographs reminds me of my youth; pinning Polaroids to my cork boards until blank spaces were a thing of the past. I have photo walls in my house now, and I special photos above my desk to make me smile when deadlines are looming. But you don’t have to stop there. Photo gifts make amazing presents for loved ones, and while there are some beautiful frames out there, there are also many creative ways that you can help the memories to last. I’m loving the idea of photos printed onto wood, and photos on aluminium are actually blowing my mind right now! The point is, it doesn’t have to be a photo in a frame. It can be a photo on a cushion if you want!


Write your captions

The beauty of the caption space at the bottom of the Polaroid photos was that you could add your own person

Three Ways to Make Memories Last this Christmas and

al thoughts about the moment the photo was taken. Much the same as we do now with Instagram; it was creating a legacy, giving the photo a little more depth. So one of the best ways that you can make your memories last in a highly personal way is to caption them. It can be a word, phrase, sentence. It can be a quote or a poem. It can be a journal. It can be an album peppered with favourite photos and random thoughts from

the day they were taken. Captions can bring a photo to life. I LOVE this journal as a gift, filled with special photos and scraps of memories to bring them to life.


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