Three Ways to Get Organised for Christmas

Three Tips for Getting Organised for Christmas am probably the world’s least organised person I know, and no matter how hard I try I just cannot change that. I always say that if it’s not on the calendar on my phone, it doesn’t happen- and even then I need reminders and I need deadlines, otherwise I get nothing done. So you can imagine that this time of year can be a nightmare for me. When you have birthdays and Christmas to shop for, plus parcels to send (and of course you want them to arrive on time) the stress of remembering to get everything done on time can be immense! So with this in mind, I’ve put together three tips that have helped me to get a little more organised for Christmas. Believe me, if you’re as unorganised as I am, these are going to help you this festive season!

Make lists!

Lists are my friend. Ok, so I don’t always remember to bring them with me when I go shopping (if this is you, use an app such as Wunderlist, or just the notes section on your phone) and sometimes I write them out and ignore them… but lists really do help. Honestly. You cannot expect to shop for multiple people and know when you need to send off their parcels without at least one list. I use a dedicated notebook for Christmas and birthday shopping so that I always know where they are, and I keep it in my handbag throughout the festive shopping season so I don’t forget them. You’re going to need more than one list, and you’re going to need to know last dates for postage too- so put as much info down on that list as you can!

Have a plan

If you can write lists, you can write a plan too. Sit down and write down everyone that you need to buy a gift for. Then cut out each name so you have them all on separate slips of paper. Then organise them all into themes. For example, babies, toddlers, parents etc. Or you can organise according to interests: books, sports, beauty etc. The idea is that you compile groups of people that you will buy similar gifts for, so Three Tips for Getting Organised with Christmas you can plan your shopping easily. Once you have a  group, add them to your list book along with the shop you need to visit for their gift, and the budget you’ve allocated for that person. Do this for everyone, so that when you come to actually buy the gifts, you have your plan ready to go. You’re going to need your initial lists for this planning stage, so don’t skip tip number one!

Find a courier you can trust

There’s nothing worse than spending a decent amount of money on a present for your mum’s birthday, only for it to never arrive at all- let alone on time! Yes, this has happened to me before. Now, I always use the same courier service so that I know it’s going to get there when I want it to. I have family all over the country and out of the UK too, so this one is essential for me. Couriers such as TNT will list their delivery times which is really useful if you need to make sure your recipient is going to be in. You can also check things like last posting dates for Christmas, so if you’re running late you can add a reminder to your calendar so you don’t get caught out. Seriously, a good courier is a must this time of year!

What are your top tips for getting organised this Christmas?

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