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A new year always seems to signal something in my brain that tells me I need to start making some changes. It’s silly really, because there are at least 365 days in every year, and any one of those can be the start of something new. A new direction. A new goal. A new mindset. We don’t need it to be January the 1st, but in many ways it makes perfect sense to start the new year with a new direction. Recently I was asked if I was interested in taking a home learning course with NCC Home Learning. At this stage in my life, I seem to be craving education once more. I want to learn new things, and as the kids grow old I want to sharpen my career, make my work a bit more of a focus in our family life and continue to show my kids that I work and I am good at what I do. I don’t write much about work on this blog, but I do write about personal developments and I guess that’s what this is. So here are my current career goals with NCC Home Learning…

Learning from home

I love NCC Home Learning because it means that even busy working mums can add another string to their bow, despite the chaos of trying to juggle work, kids and life. I don’t ever want to stop learning, but I’m at the point in my life (and career) where I need to fine tune what I’m doing. At the moment, much of my work is centred around marketing and copy writing, and I’ve been considering taking an official course in marketing for some time now. I finally feel, with three children in school and one in preschool four days a week, that the time is right to focus on my work a little more. And so I’ve enrolled in the NCC Marketing Diploma course!

The course is 200 hours with 12 months of expert tutor support and I cannot wait to get started!

Career goals

I’ve never ever set myself career goals before. Every job I’ve had, I’ve always kind of stumbled into it. I left university and took the first job I was offered because I was totally broke. When I was pregnant with my eldest, I decided I needed a career rather than a job, so I enrolled on a PGCE and became a teacher. I figured that would be my career, but fate had other ideas! I only really taught for one year (part time) as a qualified teacher before leaving and setting up my own freelance business. And working for myself has been hard. Really hard. There are no real holidays, or sick pay, or days off. I need to be disciplined and I need to be organised. I’ve had to train myself to be these things because they really don’t come naturally.

But despite all the hard times and long hours, I have been successful. I’ve never been out of work and I have three long term clients that I adore working for. I know this is something many freelancers don’t get to experience, so I’m very grateful for both their loyalty and their trust. Because at first, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I’ve learned on the job and I’ve had to completely train myself how to do what I do. I’ll always be eternally grateful to Cara for giving me a chance, and for sending so much work my way.

My job description now is completely different to what it was when I first started working for myself. Now, I am involved in lots of marketing activities for two main clients, and I am absolutely loving it. My career goals five years ago were to just be in work. My career goals now are so different.

I want to continue to grow professionally, and to continue to nurture the wonderful co-operation that is Social Sparkle. I want to write more, and I want to understand more. I want to continue to learn more about marketing and to expand my skill set ready for new work in years to come. The children won’t always be small. My time won’t always be as limited as it is right now. One day, I will have five days a week in which to work, and I want to be ready.

I want new skills. I want to learn new things. I was to develop professionally so that when the time comes, I can progress forwards and be someone my children can be proud of. I’m so excited to start the marketing course, and I hope to update you all soon on my progress. Maybe 2018 is the year for new career goals, a new direction. Maybe 2018 is the year for learning, and growing. Maybe 2018 is the year for NCC Home Learning.





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