Three Reasons to Check Your Tyres Before Christmas

Regular readers will know that I’ve become a somewhat anxious driver over recent years. It’s the reason why I agreed to CBT sessions in the first place, since I knew that there was no way I could avoid driving and therefore the problem needed addressing. I personally feel I’ve made great progress with this, but there are still many issues that affect me whilst either driving or sitting in the passenger seat. I guess it’s who I am, am I cannot really change that! That said, there are some aspects of my attitude towards driving and cars in general that I feel serve a great purpose. For example, I am super hot on car safety! And that’s not a bad thing, right? So as we start to get ready for our Christmas travels, much like many other families around the country, I thought I’d put together a quick guide on staying safe while you travel. Here are three reasons to check your tyres BEFORE Christmas.

Three Reasons to Check Your Tyres Before your tyres is super important!

There doesn’t really need to be any other reason, does there? The DVLA recommends that you check your tyres regularly, and especially before you go on a long journey. They cite that in 2015, almost a third of all accidents that were caused by faults on the car were a result of under inflated, worn or illegal tyres. And if the dangers of driving which such tyres aren’t enough to persuade you, perhaps the hefty fine if you’re pulled over will!

Seriously, it is so so important that you check your tyres before you travel, at any time of year, and it’s one thing I will be insisting on before we set off on our travels this festive season. Read more advice for travel safety here.

You want your Christmas travels to be as stress free as possible

Nobody wants to be the car on the side of the motorway on Christmas day. Nobody wants the upset kids in the back desperate to get to their presents and enjoy their special day. Nobody wants to be the parents struggling to get hold of anyone who is willing to come out to them on a day where most of the country is tucked up cosy indoors with a Christmas dinner. So get them checked now, before the festive seasons shuts the country down for a day or two. Believe me, you don’t want to be that family! I know I don’t.

You don’t know what the weather will be like…

… and if it’s icy, snowy or even just heavy rain you’re going to need your tyres to be up for the journey! Garages like Ossett Tyre House are fabulous because you can order new tyres online, which takes a load of in the rush before Christmas. So if you know that your tyres might not be up to the job over Christmas (the recent cold weather spell may have been a good indication of this already!) then get online and get it sorted. It really isn’t worth the alternative!

Happy travels to you all. I’m off to check my tyres now!


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