I don’t know about you, but for me every single pregnancy has been different with my four. Apart from the nausea, that is. First time around I suffered for a couple of weeks so thought nothing of it at all, In fact throughout the entire pregnancy the only ailment I really remember was a bout of heartburn one evening towards the 40 week mark- pretty good going don’t you think? Pregnancy number two was a different matter entirely. I suffered from awful headaches, insomnia and extreme nausea- to the point where my sister-in-law very pointedly gifted me a pack of Sea Bands. I’d never heard of them, but I quickly came to rely on them to beat the nausea day in and day out. When it came to announcing pregnancies number three and four, most people already knew thanks to the tell tale bands on my wrists! And while I’ll admit that it was really only medication that helped in the end with my last pregnancy (read my posts Hyperemesis here), I can whole heartedly vouch for the power of Sea Bands for relieving the symptoms of nausea in pregnancy. I simply couldn’t have managed without them. Recently, Sea Bands have launched a new pregnancy toolkit with the help from experienced practising midwife, Gill Perks, and I’ve agreed to help spread the word. Honestly, Sea Bands are amazing for pregnancy related nausea- a natural and easy way to alleviate symptoms, so that you can re-calim your pregnancy superpowers! Read on to find out more, and to enter the giveaway to win a pair for yourself- I have five to give away!

Re-calim Your Pregnancy Super Power: A Sea Bands Giveaway_Ghostrwitermummy.co.ukYour body is amazing

There’s no doubt that during pregnancy your body is capable of amazing things. It grows a person, for goodness sake! But all of that hard work is bound to take a toll and with the hormones flying around, plus the organs getting squished, things can feel a little out of balance during this nine or so months. It’s vital to be able to access up to date information and support during pregnancy so that you can equip yourself with the tools you need to embrace your body and mind ready for birth and your parenting journey. What I love about the pregnancy toolkit is the no nonsense advice that Gill gives- and knowing that as a practising midwife, she is not only qualified to share knowledge, but constantly on the ‘front line’ speaking to women and families too. In particular, I love the little videos that Gill has shared with her tips for managing nausea in pregnancy with Sea Bands. I wish this had been around when I was in desperate need years ago!

Pregnancy is hard- but you are amazing

Pregnancy can feel like a long, hard slog. I know, I’ve been there four times. But there are so many ways in which you are amazing, and your life does not need to end the minute those two blue lines appear! For example, Gill advises that conflicting advice can be confusing and frustrating for mums-to-be, which is why she’s written a list of simple dos and don’ts for you to follow, such as:

  • Wear gloves when gardening or changing cat litter to protect your baby from toxoplasmosis. Wash your hands before you put anything in your mouth!
  • Avoid tight, restrictive clothing, particularly around the waistline. Pregnancy is a time to make yourself as comfortable as possible! Varicose veins can also appear during pregnancy, so avoid standing around for long periods and consider support stockings. See your GP if the problem persists.
  • When people offer you help with your new baby say “yes please, bring me a meal!”

The latter being one of the best pieces of advice you may ever get, by the way.

Your body, your baby

Remember though that no matter how many people offer you well meaning advice during your pregnancy, only YOU know your body- and this is your baby. Spend some time getting to know your baby’s pattern of movements and your own body during pregnancy and always speak to your midwife if you have any concerns. Now is the time to feel empowered and strong!

The giveaway

Now that you know how fantastic Sea Bands have been for me, how would you like to win  a pair for yourself? It’s easy to enter and I have five pairs to give away. Simply fill in the form below, and don’t forget to answer the question in the comments! Terms and conditions are on the form too, and the giveaway ends Wednesday 10th January 2018. Good luck! And while you’re waiting, take the Pregnancy Super Powers fun quiz to see exactly what your super power is right now!

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