New York 2018: Three Wardrobe Essentials

Eek. It’s been a little while since I last updated you lovely readers on just how exciting 2018 has proven to be so far! Of course the most exciting news of all is that we’re off to NEW YORK! Those who know me in real life know only too well just how much this trip means to me. I’ve wanted to visit since I was a small child. I always wanted to live in America, and New York was the pinnacle for me. I was (and still am) totally in love with the movie postcard city scenes. I want to ride in a yellow cab. I want to ice skate at Central Park. I want to watch the sun set over Brooklyn Bridge and to look out from the Statue of Liberty’s crown… and next month I WILL! The original plan had been to go for my 30th birthday, and believe me back then when we only had one child it would have been so much easier! As it turns out, this trip is a 40th birthday present and the child count had quadrupled but there you go! And so on to the planning. Of course, I’ve been obsessing over where to go and what to do for some months now, but the finder details of our trip are yet to be organised. The question on my mind right now? What ON EARTH do I pack? Please, if you’ve been to New York in early March let me know in the comments if I’m way off track in this post. I give you, New York 2018: Three Wardrobe Essentials that I need in my life right now…

New York 2018: Three Wardrobe decent coat

I hadn’t realised it but the last time I bought what I class a ‘decent’ coat was back in 2015! Usually I end up buying several each winter because I really struggle to find the ONE coat that does it all- keeps me warm, has a good hood and looks nice. But in 2015, I did it and I haven’t need to buy another one since. The problem is that I really want a new coat now. So where to start? I actually picked up this gorgeous gunmetal silver coat in H&M this weekend, but I’m not convinced it will do for New York because of the lack of hood. I need a hood as I cannot stand the wind blowing my hair around!

I do also love this coat from Urban Outfitters but its not waterproof so again not suitable for the changeable weather in New York at this time of year. My only other option at the moment is this beautiful bright yellow parka from Mango– at least I’d match the cabs in New York!

Good boots

I mean, we all want good boots don’t we? I LOVE a good pair of boots and have to admit to having a weakness for buying at last three pairs each winter! So, naturally, a new pair is an absolute essential for New York. I’ve just bought these gorgeous grey boots from Blowfish  but I really want a ‘dressier’ pair too. I know that Uppersole have a great selection of Ankle Boots- see for yourself just how many there are and how difficult I’m finding it to choose! On the one hand, a flat sole is a must for all the walking, but on the other hand I have two pairs of flat boots already, so do I go for something with a  little more ‘fancy’? This one needs a lot more consideration I think!

An awesome back pack

I love a good back pack but I seem to go through them so quickly! I fell in love with the mini Boo backpacks but sadly my magnetic clasp fell inside the lining so I had to give it up. I also have a BDG classic backpack but I want something a little bigger for our trip away. Suggestions are much appreciated!

What would your wardrobe essentials for New York be?

*This is a collaborative post.


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  1. February 24, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    Amazing article. Get some skates in the back pack lol

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