Three Essential Additions for a Boy’s Bedroom

When we bought our four bedroom house, we always knew we’d fill it with kids, but we never really paid much attention to who would sleep where. When I was pregnant with Elsie we kind of agreed that Luka and Bella would share, but when it came to moving Elsie into her own room, it made much more sense for the girls to share. So Luka swapped into the smallest room of the house, and since then we’ve worked hard to get it organised for him. With three girls, there is a lot of girly stuff in the house, so we really wanted Luka to have a space where we could be free from pink and sparkles! Here are our three essential additions for a boy’s bedroom according to Luka- no pink glitter allowed!

A space to chill

Three Essential Additions for a Boy's you have three sisters, sometimes you want a little alone time away from everything. Luka likes to spend time on his own now and then so when it came to organising his room he really needed somewhere that was not only comfortable but also a little bit of a hideaway too. We decided he needed a ‘den’ that he could use whenever he wanted and I knew that you could buy mid sleeper cabin beds online, so a plan was hatched!

We set up the cabin bed and decided to leave the attached desk. There wasn’t enough room for the desk in his room anyway, and we wanted to use the space underneath for his den. We popped a little lamp under the bed, some pillows and lots and lots of books. He loves it! He can sit under there with his iPad or with his books and sometimes the girls don’t know he’s there for a good while! The space underneath the bed is also great for storing toys and teddies that have nowhere else to go- a real gem for storage all round and a great addition for a boy’s bedroom.

A space for lego

Luka loves his lego and although it keeps him occupied for long periods of time, I’m not the biggest fan! It hurts to step on. It’s all over the house. It’s fiddly and I have no patience with it when he ask me to help. But like I said, Luka loves it and so we knew we needed to make sure he had somewhere to store it all in his room. We bought a set of Kallax units from Ikea and literally dumped all the lego ever made into the drawers. On top of the units we stuck large lego boards to make one large board to build on. We’re all happy now!

A space for books

Luka is such a book worm and this is obviously something we want to encourage as much as we can. His cabin bed has space for books along the top, and cupboards and shelves at the bottom too, but we decided that a tall narrow bookcase at the end of his bed would be good for the bigger books and chapter books Luka has. Every child’s bedroom needs a good book case and somewhere for them to enjoy them in, and Luka loves being able to curl up, hide away and sprawl out in his own space and a good story.

It’s not easy organising a small room, but honestly the best thing we did was to buy the cabin bed. The space underneath is invaluable and the shelves on the actual bed are fantastic for storing bits and bobs. I’d love to say that now it’s been done up it’s always neat and tidy but sadly that’s not the case. For the most part, it’s really easy to tidy up because it’s so small, and we’re happy to let him make the room his own- until it gets really messy of course!

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