Updating your Workout Wardrobe

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Updating your Workout Wardrobe_ghostwritermummy.co.ukOnce you’ve got into the habit of exercising, it’s important to regularly update your workout gear. Doing so will ensure that you always look your best. There’s nothing worse than catching sight of yourself in the mirror while exercising and realising that you look like the local mad cat woman! It really brings you down with a bump and is guaranteed to zap your confidence. Online, and in stores, there’s plenty of fitness wear for women of all shapes and sizes. With so much choice there really is no need for you to just settle and wear any old thing. In fact, I would strongly urge you not to do that. Shopping for workout wear should be taken seriously. Here are my tips for updating your workout wardrobe.

Regularly review your workout wardrobe

Every month or so, get all of your workout clothes out and try them on. If anything looks a little baggy or too worn throw it away. Be ruthless and don’t mess around. Put anything you’re not sure of in the bin. It’s also a good idea to sniff each item to make sure that it still smells fresh after being laundered! If you find it hard to get into the habit of reviewing your workout wardrobe regularly, it might be an idea to do it every time you get dressed for the gym. Before leaving the house, pause and look in the mirror. If something’s looking worn or doesn’t fit right, take it off and put it to one side. You should throw away anything that feels too tight or too loose when you are actually exercising- comfort is key. When working out, you really don’t want to have to keep stopping to pull your top down over your belly or to hitch your leggings up!

Shopping for workout clothes

Once you’ve cleared out your old clothes, you can go shopping for replacements. If you have favourites it’s easy to simply order a direct replacement. In fact, a lot of people automatically order a spare of any workout clothes or shoes that they find particularly comfortable so it’s ready when they are. Provided you have the cash and enough space to store them, this is a good idea.

Try things on properly

It’s really important to try before you buy. Doing so gives you the chance to check that the fit is right and make sure there are no flaws. When you try these items on take the time to stretch and go through some of the more difficult exercises you are likely to perform while wearing these new items of clothing.  Be sure to check out how you look from all angles. If necessary, ask a friend to hold a mirror behind you, so that you can see properly. Squat proof leggings are a must!

Buy good quality clothing

Generally speaking you get what you pay for, and it’s not a great idea to buy cheap workout clothes. Cheaper leggings can be thin or become worn easily and nobody looks good in saggy workout clothes! Read reviews and but keep your budget in mind when you shop.

Look after your workout clothes

Once you’ve bought what you need, take care of it! You’ll look better and your workout clothes will last longer. This helpful article shows you the best way to launder and store sports clothing and footwear.

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