Creating a Playroom the No Fuss Way

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All children love to play and it’s a very important part of their social, emotional and intelligence development. So creating spaces in which they can play and learn is something most parents prioritize. If you have enough space it really is worth creating a playroom. When you do so you will really benefit from the fact that most of their toys will stay in that room. Plus, your kids will enjoy not having to tidy everything away several times a day. Here’s a quick guide to creating a playroom the no fuss way.

Creating a Playroom the No Fuss

When you decorate a playroom, the best approach is to keep things simple. You’re definitely going to be updating the decor as your children´s tastes change so it make sense to simply paint the walls and order a few unique prints from somewhere like hello canvas. You can send them any image or photo and have it turned into the size and style of prints you want. This means that you can potentially scan one of your child´s paintings or drawings and have that turned into artwork for their playroom. It will look great as well as boost your child´s confidence!.


Playroom storage is important. There are a lot of approaches you can take, but it is always worth incorporating some sort of cupboard into the design. You can get a lot into them, especially if you fill the cube completely using stackable storage bins. It is a good idea to buy the transparent kind, so you and your children can see what is in them. When the children are little you might want to lock it to stop them from pulling the boxes down on themselves. The top part can be used to store those items that they do not use much. Toys that your children play with a lot can be stored on shelves and in a floor level toy chest. Labels are also a good idea so that the children can help when it comes to tidy up time!

A comfy chair

It’s nice to set up a comfy chair or two in the room. They’re a must for your child to read and enjoy some quiet time.

A desk or table

As your children get older, having a desk or table for them to work or play at is a good idea. They’re great for board games, jigsaws, crafts, school projects, and homework etc. It’s also a good idea to buy the type that has storage built-in underneath. If you can’t find one where you live, do not worry because it is surprisingly easy to build your own. You can find out how to do it, here.

Some sort of monitoring system

If the playroom is located in a distant corner of the house or garden where you cannot easily hear what is going on, consider installing some sort of monitoring system. It could be an old baby monitor or you could add an additional smart camera to your security system. The type that allows you to see the picture from a tablet or your phone is ideal for this task. Of course, you will not be able to keep watch all of the time, but it is handy to be able to occasionally look in and see what is going on.

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