Great Summer Fashions for Busy and Active Mums

Now that the weather is warming up I am sure, like me, you are shopping for some summer clothes. We all want to look good. But, for mums, there are other considerations. The clothes that you choose also have to be practical. You want to be able to play with the kids and pick your toddler up without having to worry about your modesty. Fortunately, there are plenty of options. So, it is not hard to find the great looking, but, practical clothes you need. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest clothes that are particularly suited to busy mums.

Great Summer Fashions for Busy and Active MumsPlaysuits and jumpsuits

Retailers like are offering a bigger selection of jumpsuits and playsuits than they have in the past few years. Importantly, they are available in a good range of cuts and sizes. So, it is relatively easy to find one that is right for your body type and offers you enough freedom of movement.

Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are fantastic for wearing during the summer months. They are certainly modest and are always cool. Plus, they are very versatile.  You can wear them practically anywhere. If you are planning a family holiday they are ideal. Usually, they are made from a quite lightweight material, which means they will not take up a lot of space or eat into your luggage allowance much.

Stylish yet practical footwear

If you have a toddler, you will sometimes have to move fast to catch them. So, a lot of mums stick with flat shoes for taking the kids to the park and other similar activities. This year, there are quite a few options. Most stores are once again stocking a range of pumps and trainers. Ballerina style shoes are also still widely available. 

For day-long comfort, a pair of sandals with wedge heels is a good choice. Provided they are not too high, you will still be able to run around and enjoy yourself with the kids.

Cropped trousers

Trousers are always a practical option for days out. On the hotter days, a pair of cropped ones is always more comfortable. It is surprising how much cooler you feel in them.


No mum´s wardrobe would be complete without a good pair of jeans. They can be very flattering as well as very hardwearing.

A nice black blazer

In the spring, when it is too hot for a coat but too cool to wear just a t-shirt, a lightweight jacket will always come in handy. Last year, it was the denim jacket every woman was wearing. This year, it is the turn of the blazer. This style of jacket is far more versatile than you may think. A nice fitting blazer can look equally as good worn with jeans as it does over a floral dress.

However, because it is a tailored garment, you need to get the fit right and choose the right cut for your body type. This article tells you how to do exactly that.


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