Seven Summer Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

Seven Summer Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should most men, looking good is important. Gone are the days when men just wore the same style of jeans and t-shirts for most of their lives. These days, men are just as interested in fashion as women are. They like to keep their look up to date, which means stocking their wardrobes with the right type of clothes. Buying the right basics is important for anyone who wants to look their best. Here is a roundup of the items every man should consider including in his wardrobe.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts provide a great way to bridge the gap between formal and informal attire. They are neither shirt nor t-shirt. They are an especially good option for when the dress code is not 100% clear. Retailers like Jacamo sell a great selection of polo shirts. A navy coloured polo shirt is formal enough to wear under a lightweight cotton suit style jacket, but will not look out of place when paired with shorts.

A cotton button-down shirt

For those rare occasions where something smart a requirement, an Oxford weave button-down shirt is the ideal option. Provided it is made from 100% cotton you should be able to stay nice and cool whether you choose to wear a short or long-sleeved version.


When it is sunny, eye protection is extremely important. If a man chooses wisely he may be able to go through his entire life wearing just one pair of sunglasses. This is especially the case if he buys a classic design. For example, Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer model has never really gone out of fashion.


For those days when it is just too hot for jeans, long trousers or joggers, shorts are the answer. But, looking good in them can be tricky, which is why some men avoid wearing them. However, there really is no need to worry. Most men just need to understand which style of shorts suits their body type. This short buying guide explains exactly how to make the right choices. It covers everything from choosing the best cut to getting the length right. Any man who follows the advice shared here will be able to quickly find a pair of shorts that makes them both look and feel good.


For some occasions, you cannot get away with not wearing long trousers. So, owning a pair of chinos is always a good idea. Again, they nicely bridge the gap between formal and informal attire. Because they are normally made from 100% cotton they allow the skin to breathe naturally. So, most men find that they feel cool enough while wearing them to be able to feel comfortable.

A lightweight belt

A canvas belt can also be useful. They are lightweight and flexible. Plus, they look right whether you choose to wear them with shorts, chinos or jeans.

Men’s summer footwear essentials

For the summer months, you can usually get away with wearing casual shoes. Boat shoes look fine whether you are wearing a linen suit, a pair of jeans or shorts. Sneakers are good too, but not for formal occasions.

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