October is Fall Car Care Month

Did you know that October is Fall Car Care Month? It seems terribly grown up, and yet in the UK we drive as young as 17 years of age- so knowing about the basics of car care can only really be a good thing can’t it? And yet ask the 17 year old me the first thing about how to change a tyre or check the oil and I would have looked at you rather blankly indeed. The truth is, I didn’t learn to drive until I was 26, and even October is Fall Car Care Month_Ghostwritermummy.co.ukthen it was under duress. I was pregnant and didn’t want to be lugging a pram on the bus, but I never really wanted to operate a car, and I still have a love/ hate relationship with it all. But the one thing I will not compromise is safety, and that means either understanding what I’m doing or making sure I know someone who does.

I always remember my mum telling me that the most scary thing about driving was the other drivers on the road, and true enough this theory can be applied to most situations. Erratic driver? Keep your distance. Dodgy brake light? Keep your distance. Bald tyres? Yes- keep your distance. I’m lucky enough to have always driven a new car, and to have someone close enough to call when I’ve needed them. That said, I’ve been in some dodgy situations myself- a burst tyre thanks to a rogue pothole being by far the worst. And yes, I’m ashamed to say that I had to flag down someone to help me change the tyre and get me back on the road. For what its worth, if you ever need to pamper your car I highly recommend your visit Iverson Tyres to get your car serviced at amazing rates.

Learning how to look after your car and maintain its condition is so so important. October Fall Car Care month aims to help educate and raise awareness of this, to reduce the number of stranded drivers or- worse- accidents on the roads. Being a nervous (at times) driver, I’m all for this. I hate to drive on unfamiliar roads, but I hate flashing warning lights on my dashboard even more. So lets do something about it! Let me know in the comments what situations you’ve found yourself in as a young driver, and who came to your rescue. Bonus points if you resolved it yourself! And of course, please let me know your top tips for autumn and winter car care- sharing the knowledge spreads the education to all.

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