Three Tips to Maintain Sanity During a House Renovation

Three Tips for Maintaining Sanity During a House’s been almost two since we converted our garage into an extra, much needed, room. The idea was to create an office for us both to work from home in, but its quickly become so much more than that. And by that I mean- its now filled with two sofas, an x-box, a TV and LOADS of toys! Oh, and my desk. The problem is that once you renovate a part of the house like this, the rest of your home starts to look a little tired. We bought this house ten years ago after it had been renovated from top to bottom, so now its in desperate need of a little updating and TLC. We realised the other day that we’ve now had our ‘new’ kitchen for seven years! Time for an update? The thought fills me with dread! I decided to source some tips and snippets of advice on how to maintain sanity during a house renovation- maybe it will happen in 2019?


If you’re looking for tips on how to organise finances, choose the best contractors and get the best deals on equipment etc… this isn’t the post for you. If you are, however, looking to stay on top of four kids, a 3-legged cat and a kitten while you renovate, then read on!

Take the kids out  

When we had our kitchen renovated, the kids and I totally moved out for the entire week that it was happening. I know this isn’t always possible, but for me it was the only way I could cope with the disruption. Seriously, kids and dust plus no way of cooking food just isn’t a great combination. A real bonus of this was that we returned home to a complete transformation, and that was just amazing. Yes, my husband had to stay home and endure the dust and chaos, but all’s well that ends well! We’re currently considering updating our kitchen again and I will totally be using this tip to maintain my sanity. As we speak, I’m currently obsessing over units and doors on the Kitchen Warehouse website…

If you can’t take the kids away for a few days, then definitely make sure your diary is filled with lots of play dates and day trips that will take you out of the house as much as possible. When we had the garage renovated the kids were all at school or nursery, which definitely helped, and we were able to just close the door in the evenings but not everyone can do that. Start planning your escape early!

Have a toy sort

A house renovation the ideal time to clear out some rubbish and get rid of old toys that never get played with. More than that though, a toy sort will ensure that your little ones have their favourite toys to hand, in an accessible room. There’s nothing worse than realising their favourite toys are stuffed in a box in the middle of a building site that you cannot access for at least four weeks… Take it from me, toys need to be accessible so if you need to switch rooms round for a while then do it.

Prepare yourself, and the kids, for an extended renovation…

This isn’t easy. If the builders say two weeks, tell the kids maybe four, maybe longer… We renovated our garage in the January so inevitably snow and rain held proceedings up a fair bit, and the initial two weeks turned into more like eight weeks instead. Eight weeks of ‘Why isn’t is finished yet?’ is NOT fun. Similarly, when we did the kitchen, we were told five days max. Those five days were extended thanks to some dodgy measurements (nothing to do with me!) and although we were out of the home for the duration, we did end up being away a lot longer than we expected. So if you can, prepare for being in the dark a little when it comes to the finish line. Avoid telling the kids until you know for sure work is finished!

Now that we’re thinking of our next kitchen renovation and lusting over beautifully stylish kitchen units and insanely stunning kitchen taps, I’m considering banning the kids from the room altogether. I wonder how long I can get away with ‘the builders are still busy, darling!’ in a bid to escape sticky fingers and spilt juice?!

What are your tips for maintaining sanity during a house renovation?

*this is a collaborative post

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