Tips for Choosing the Right Tyres for Your Car Model

Tips for Choosing the Right Tyres for Your morning I was forced to leave the house ten minutes earlier than usual so that I could defrost the car before we set off on the school run- thanks, Jack Frost! Yep, the mild December is now firmly behind us and winter is setting in, and that can only mean one thing. We need the car servicing! This time of year, things always seem to need replacing or repairing and being cold it all seems like so much more hassle than at other times of the year. I mean, its never convenient for your car to break down- but in freezing temperatures it must be horrendous! Now I don’t know much about cars, but I do know (thanks to a huge, but waning, driving anxiety) that having a car in tip-top condition is so important, and having decent tyres is vital for not only safety but for staying on the right side of the law! But apparently, you can’t just get any old tyres, and there are more than one type depending on what you drive… argh. I’ve been researching. Here are my top three tips for choosing the right tyres for your car.

Don’t let information overload daunt you

For a non car person like myself, seeing how many different tyres there are out there is seriously scary stuff. And then, as a mother, I start to panic that if I don’t get the right tyres, or halfway decent tyres then I’m putting the kids at risk every time we get into the car… so maybe be should stay home instead… maybe not. Deep breaths. Its all going to be ok. In fact, there are plenty of sites with abundant information to help you and if you’re not sure then pick up the phone and speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about. Seriously, don’t go through this alone.

Use a custom built type selector

If you’re really struggling, or if you just prefer to let someone else do the work for you (um, yes please!) then a website with a tyre selector function is the answer to your problems. For example, if you own a Bentley (not jealous at all, I promise!) you’re going to want to make sure you order the correct tyres for your car. Now this is a very special car, and for that reason not any old tyre will do here. The same goes with any car for sure, and this is just an example, but stay with me. It’s easy. You can find a reliable tyre centre for Bentley or other models in just a few clicks- simply pop in your registration, search by tyre size, or search for your local branch for guidance. Easy peasy!

Consider the weather

Whether you go for a custom built selector or not, please please consider the weather when you buy new tyres. Yes price is an important factor to consider but if you’re on a budget there’s no reason why you should also scrimp n safety. In the UK most drivers will keep summer tyres on their car all year round, but right now it might be an idea to consider winter tyres or all-season tyres for optimum performance and safety. I know I would.

Whatever you decide to do and whichever method you use to choose- please do make sure you get those tyres sorted sooner rather than later! Believe me, a flat tyre on a busy motorway is NOT a great experience. Speaking for a friend, of course.

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