The Right Bedding Can Transform your Bedroom

The right bedding can transform your don’t know about you, but I tend to feel like a ‘proper grown up’ when I achieve certain things in life. Managing to get all of the kids to the dentist with minimum fuss, meal planning, and buying new bedding being the current top three. I’m not sure why, but I do know that there is something really indulgent and satisfying about sinking into a freshly made bed adorned with beautiful covers and accessories. Maybe I’m showing my age, or maybe it’s a home comforts thing- especially in this dismal February weather- but whatever the reason I am really into making my bed as pretty and as welcoming as possible. Sleep. Sleep is so important! More than that though, the right bedding can actually work magic in improving the aesthetics and atmosphere of your bedroom- and in doing so can improve your sleep quality, your emotional wellbeing and your general physical health too. The right bedding can transform your bedroom, and here are three reasons why you should update yours now.

It’s a low cost makeover 

DIY and decorating has never been my thing and we tend to get someone in to do it for us when we need to refresh a room. Sometimes though, you want a more instant look without having to spend too much or go to too much trouble. Enter new bedding! Seriously, if you’re savvy enough, you can get bedspreads at cheap rates from the Yorkshire Linen website  and voila! Your room is instantly updated. And you haven’t spent a fortune on decorators, paint, wallpaper…

You can change your look over and over

Over the years I’ve realised that patterns and feature walls are all very well and good, as long as you’re either prepared to change them regularly or you are really sure you’re going to like that design for a long time. The beauty with simply updating your bedding when you want a new look is that you can change it over and over without having to go to too much trouble. Want a bright and blingy look? No problem. Hankering after a soft and subtle marine theme? Sorted. Looking for a calm and soothing country cottage theme? No problem. Invest in a few beautiful bedspreads and you’re good to go whenever the mood takes you.

Beautiful bedding helps to promote better sleep

So I’ve already mentioned this, but it really is a big deal so it’s worth going into a little more. Where we sleep is vital if we want to improve our sleep habits and get at least the recommended eight hours per night. There are so many factors that go into the perfect sleep environment: temperature, level of darkness, comfort. On a visual level, being sensory creatures humans need to be able to see that their sleeping space is calm, soothing and comfortable. If you’ve ever looked at a bed plump with cushions and blankets and thought: yes! then you’ll know what I mean. A beautifully adorned bed is the first step towards a better night’s sleep.

When we get all the elements right, we’re more likely to get into a good sleep routine, and this can have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. When we sleep well our physical body has time to rest, recover and repair. Our cells are renewed and our vital organs are able to gather their strength for another busy day. With better physical strength and a sense of being rested comes an overall improved mood and lower levels of stress and anxiety. In turn, this state of being improves mental wellbeing and physical health- thus the entire business of sleep becomes a cycle that you need to keep nurturing.

Being able to sleep well is key to so many areas in life, and it’s amazing to think that something as simple as the right bedding can make such a huge difference- but it really can!


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