Ideas on How to Support the New Mother in Your Life

Ideas on How to Support the New Mother in Your a new mother can be an extremely stressful event. While there’s lots of room for light, love and laughter, mums often find themselves struggling to raise their kids. It could be the work/life balance that wreaks havoc on their lives or giving up social plans to spend time with the kids. In the end, nothing about motherhood is easy.

Whether it’s a friend or family member, chances are some of the people closest to you will become new mums at some stage. When that happens, you have a window to show your supportive, caring side at this crucial side. It’s time to step up to the plate!

Consequently, here’s a few ideas as to how you can support the new mother in your life.

A Card

It’s cheesy and generic, but for some mums the well-wishing card can be just the pick me up they need. If you pick up a charming and thoughtful card from Card Factory for example, you may just offer a moment of levity amidst all the fears and anxieties new motherhood brings. Put a funny joke inside and a celebratory message, and the new mum in your life might just have a more positive outlook moving forward.

If you’re thinking that cards are too basic and uninspired, think again. There’s lots of room to write a lengthy, personal message inside. Get creative and master your words, because really, the card can serve as a more decorative, thoughtful and personal message that a text message could ever offer. If you’re good at art, throw in a drawing too. Put in some effort with it all and show much you care!

Support Network

Helping the new mum in your life doesn’t need to be a one on one ordeal. If the new mum in your life is scared and concerned, perhaps you could consider linking her up with other mums that you know, whether they’re more experienced or also new to mothering. Together, they could bond and form a support network, advising and guiding one another through the

turbulent periods of being a new parent. Every issue one mum might encounter, another should hopefully have an answer for.

Additionally, you could send round care packages of childcare supplies, or just arrange small meet ups with likeminded mums too. Put simply, there’s an opportunity to band together and form a small community here. Seeing new people and hearing other peoples problems might just help the new mum escape any kind of tunnel vision she’s having, and see the bigger, brighter picture.


When it comes to raising new-borns, one of the biggest constraints a new mum can have is simply time. Every waking moment of their existence is penned in and pre-planned, meaning there’s very little wiggle room for some ‘me time’ or to pursuit other interests. In many respects, motherhood is a full-time job and then some, and it’s all incredibly chaotic and draining.

You can step in here. Offer to babysit on occasion, and your friend or family member who’s just become a new mum will greatly appreciate it. From a certain point of view, this offer you make can give them some of their old life back here and there. Who knows, you may even earn some thank you money too… but obviously, make being helpful your primary motive.

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