How to Get Your Home Ready for a Baby

How to Get Your Home Ready for a a baby on the way? Congratulations! This is an incredibly exciting time and you are sure to be feeling exhilarated but also with a healthy amount of anxiety too. There are, of course, many things to think about during this special time but one of the most important is making sure that your home is suitable, safe and comfortable for the little bundle of joy once you return home from the hospital. Here are a few tips:

Safety Check

The first step involves a thorough inspection of your house to determine areas which are dangerous for a baby (there are likely to be many!). Make sure that cleaning prod-ucts, medication, sharp objects etc are all out of sight and securely locked in cabinets. Magnetic locks for cabinets that are low down can also be a smart move. Other im-portant areas to think about are electrical sockets which can be covered up, securing furniture which could easily tip over and getting rid of dangling cords.

The Baby’s Room

The babies room needs to be the perfect environment for them to sleep. This means that it should be in a quiet area of the house and somewhere that you can easily block out light – this might involve purchasing high-quality skylight blinds from somewhere like Direct Blinds. You will then want a high-quality crib and to decorate to make it a nice space for your bundle of joy. It is also a good idea to set up a video baby monitor so that you can keep a close eye on the baby when it is sleeping here without the need to go in the room and potentially disturb them.


Anything breakable or with sharp edges will be a major hazard for your baby. This means that you either need to replace furniture with a material like plastic with rounded edges or you need to buy plastic guards so that they do not hurt themselves when they are able to crawl.


Pets can be another big issue in the home when you bring the baby back. Pets like dogs and cats tend to be very good with babies but they can be overly curious and you will want to have times where they are kept away. This can be done through locked doors, stair gates and cat nets.

This is an amazing time in your life but it can also be a highly stressful one with a lot to think about. You need to make sure that you get your home prepared before the arrival so that you can return home with your newborn and quickly get used to life as a parent. These tips should help you to make the home a safe, comfortable and welcom-ing space for your baby.

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