Three Very Good Reasons You Need to Check Your Tyres Right Now

Three Very Good Reasons Why You Need to Check Your Tyres Very Good Reasons Why You Need to Check Your Tyres readers will know that I’m not really the most enthusiastic of drivers. I mean, I know I need to drive, and I do so every single day. But I’m not one of those ‘it’s a beautiful day for a drive!’ kind of people. Driving is a necessity, and therefore so is having a good understanding of what it takes to look after a car. I’m not overly nervous, either as a passenger or a driver, but I do worry about the reliability of my cars and others on the road too. A little research recently has shown me just how important it is for all car owners to be responsible and just how easily accidents can occur when car maintenance isn’t a top priority. If you’re a fellow driver, then I implore you. Please, please take this seriously and make sure your car is road worthy- and not likely to cause me and my passengers any harm! One of the main causes of incidents on the road occur due to faults with car tyres, and this is such a simple thing to check when you set out on a journey. Here are just three very good reasons why you need to check your tyres right now.

Neglected tyres can cause accidents

If the tyres on your car are not road worthy, they are a liability. You might experience a blow out which could lead to loss of control of the vehicle. You could find that loss of grip in snow and ice causes you to slip. You could even experience hydroplaning in adverse weather- the results of which can be catastrophic for all concerned.

The basic facts are that neglected tyres can cause accidents, and there is no way I want you driving on the same road as me! If you know you need to replace one or more tyres on your car, then please do! It’s easier than ever to do- you can reserve tyres online in Chingford & get your tyres locally fitted at Elite Direct Tyres, for example. No excuses!

Neglected tyres are illegal

If you’re pulled over with bald tyres, you’re facing a hefty fine. The reason? They’re dangerous! Save your pocket from unnecessary distress and just replace your tyres when they’re bald. The alternatives really aren’t worth it.

Neglected tyres impair your car’s performance 

If you don’t check your tyres before a journey and fail to notice a cut which leads to a slow puncture, your car will not perform as it should during your journey. You’re at risk of experiencing a blow out in this situation, and you could cause other damage to your vehicle. Is it really worth the risk? It only takes a few minutes to carry out a quick check, and this should be done as part of your driving rituals- just add it in to your daily check of the petrol gauge, whether or not your passengers have their seatbelts on etc. Make it part of your routine and if you suspect your tyres need some attention then please do act on it. You could be saving lives.

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