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Think Toddler Sized: Feed My Little Pal!

Think Toddler Portions: Feed My Little at our house can be a fairly stressful affair at the best of times. I know the kids need a balanced and healthy diet, but when you have one child who literally only wants to eat white food, another with allergies and two others with incredibly fussy palates, it’s easy to give in and let them dictate the menu. The thing is though, these little people are my responsibility and I want them to be healthy and strong; I know that the UK has a problem right now with poor health linked to bad diets, and I know that the education has to start now, while they’re young. We need to get them into better habits! This is why the Think Toddler Size campaign is one that really resonates with me. I need help. I need to find ways to ensure my kids are getting the right balance of foods every time they sit down to eat. And, more over I need ideas for meals! A few months ago I wrote about toddler portion sizes and as a follow up to this, the Infant and Toddler Forum are now running a competition to try and source the best and most innovative ways to help parents plan, prepare and deliver balanced and nutritional meals for toddlers- using correct portion sizes for little tummies. Allow me to tell you about The Think Toddler Sized campaign, and the Feed My Little Pal app! (more…)

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Top three tips for healthy eating at Christmas

So Christmas is approaching. The time of year where most of us start to indulge in rich food, lots of alcohol and party snacks. And it seems that the shops know just how to market all of their delicious looking produce too. Yesterday I even saw and advert that proudly proclaimed that all of their Christmas buffet snacks could be cooked at the same temperature at the same time, leaving you free to rush off elsewhere in the madness of entertaining. Is it just me or is all this extra food, extra temptation and extra indulgence just a little too much? Yes, it’s great to let loose and enjoy yourself, but when you’ve worked hard all year why would you then just throw the towel in for two weeks? And then what happens? Everyone joins the gym in the new year. This year I’m doing things a little differently. I’m going to enjoy my Christmas dinner, but I’m going to take it without the hangover and without the heartburn. Here are my top three tips for healthy eating at Christmas.

Top three tips for healthy eating at

Re-focus now

Once the Christmas food adverts start and the parties kick off, it’s tempting to say stuff it, and dig right in. But since I’ve been on the clean eating program with Live Young Bootcamp, I’ve learned how to really listen to my body. And my body doesn’t like it when I eat rubbish. I’m not saying that I won’t indulge in a few bits of things I like, and I won’t be the miserable one at all the family gatherings refusing a slice of Christmas cake. But what I will be doing is sticking to the 80/20 rule. And if I really can’t resist a slice of cake, the next thing I eat after that will be healthy.  (more…)

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Journey of Me: we all want to #LiveWell with Co-operative Food

When I started with Live Young Bootcamp back in July I’m not sure I envisaged the changes that were ahead of me. And it’s not just weight loss, as I try to always mention when I write about this journey. Yes, I am over the moon with the physical results and every week I am thrilled to see the inches continue to- slowly- disappear. 14.5 inches in total, if you were wondering. And while I would be lying if I said that didn’t feel amazing, I’d also be doing the whole thing a disservice if I didn’t mention how the other stuff far outweighs the shrinking of my body fat. Something is now happening to the whole family. We all want to #livewell with Co-operative Food.

we all want to live well_’m teaming up with Co-operative Food and following along with Jo’s 21 day food challenge in a bid to end fussy eating in my house. Eek. Thats quite a challenge.

Elsie has her own dietitian, thanks to her cow’s milk protein allergy (cpma), and it’s the same lovely dietitian who we saw when The School Boy was under consultant care too. She really is amazing, and really knows her stuff too. Back in March I told her about our family mealtimes and she gave me loads of really good strategies  to try. At this point I was preparing and cooking up to five different meals every dinner time. The two little ones would have one thing, The Big One another thing, and Ghostwrirterdadddy and I separate meals too. And then i’d make another meal for The School Boy when he refused to eat the first meal he asked for. It was a nightmare! And we were weeks away from weaning Elsie too, so it was only going to get worse! So we adopted a plan. (more…)

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Journey of me: clean eating is changing my life

Two months ago I started a clean eating program with Live Young Bootcamp. And thus, the journey of me began. The journey of me, because this was something I was doing for me. Initially my goal was to lose the last few pounds of baby weight but there was more to it than that really. I already knew that I was not in a happy place with myself. I knew that there were things I wanted to change. I knew that I needed some support with it all.

Journey of me: clean eating is changing my

My diet has changed quite a lot since I started. I’d already cut out the dairy (it’s been nine months now!) and was already part of the way there mentally. In that I knew what things I should be eating, and I was eating them- but alongside the things I knew I shouldn’t be eating too. And because I couldn’t have things like cheese (I think I will always miss cheese) and chocolate, I was compensating with crisps and Haribo. My goodness, I think I started eating Haribo every single day. But telling myself that it was ok, because I couldn’t have dairy. It was my treat because I couldn’t have chocolate (which I never really ate that much of anyway!) but it was getting out of hand. And I was noticing it- in my skin and my hair- and feeling it too.

So physically, I was ready for a change. Emotionally, I guess I was more than ready too. But I never realised that was I was putting into my body was effecting my emotions so much. (more…)

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